Written by Otaku Apologist

Hentaireviews continues to grow because we speak our minds and write honest reviews even if that sometimes means losing business. This lets our customers find good products, helping everyone discover new and interesting hentai media.

This communication cuts both ways. When I make mistakes, or my freelancers make mistakes, we talk about them. We have direct lines of communication with everyone at the Hentaireviews Discord channel.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/GnXqH3s

While I think our service is awesome, our website is not perfect at all. I am not a perfect person. People and companies are constantly pointing out problems in our work. Sometimes the issues are so severe, people feel the need to cut off communications entirely. I’ve experienced this repeatedly over the years, and it always makes me frustrated.

There is a climate of fear in the western world right now. Everyone is jumpy about giving each other honest feedback. Employees are afraid of hurting their boss’ feelings, while employers are afraid to pressure their sensitive employees. Companies try to avoid upsetting the sensibilities of their customers. Everyone scared to speak, and problems hurting productivity go unresolved.

Being honest is not an easy path. It’s a path mired in conflict, debate, and personal growth. When people are allowed to be honest, you will receive negative feedback constantly. In fact, the more successful you get, the more critique you’ll get. Because the closer to perfection you are, the more glaring the little problems become in contrast.

I am here, because the last real friend left in my life had the balls to criticize my socially isolated otaku lifestyle. I started a business. Since launch, my websites have grown rapidly, because people continue to tell me where to improve.

I want all of you, from our customers, to our advertisers, to freelancers, to feel secure that you can talk to me.