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MangaGamer Releasing Imouto Paradise 3 in February 2020

by OtakuApologist

January 16th, 2020–Mangagamer announces pre-orders for the next title in the popular Imouto Paradise series!

While the events of Imouto Paradise and Imouto Paradise 2 have already proven the Nanases like to keep it in the family, the same holds true for the cousins of the original 6!

When Nanase parents are away, the siblings will play in bed! Will you fall for Sakura, the deredere sister handling the housework; Rika, the diligent tsundere with great grades; Hinata, the adorable clutz loved by all; Hiharu, the bright, athletic gamer; or Zakuro, the calm and collected author of many erotica? Whichever sister you choose, you’re in a for a hot summer with these sexy sisters trying to get intimate! Maybe you won’t have to settle for just one, either!

Prepare for your sibling paradise today by pre-ordering Imouto Paradise 3 and get 10% off! Click any image to view the CG gallery.

Imouto Paradise 3

The parents of the Nanase household have left on business all summer, leaving a big brother and his five sisters to hold down the fort all alone. He’s been dying for a chance to get closer to his little sisters, and as forward as they’re all being, it’s one titillating event after another! 

Just how far are these siblings going to go?!

Developer: Moonstone
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows 7, 8,10
Text Language: English
Release Date: February 13th, 2020


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