Written by Rastafoo69, edited by OtakuApologist

The Spellbook Collection, a porn mini-game pack developed by NaughtyGames. Released May 17, 2019. For Windows PC. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals. Download the game for free here.

These three mini-games are spin-off stories from The Spellbook. Read our official review of The Spellbook.

The first mini-game is called “Rip My Ass”. It’s a short visual novel where you peep on your mother having sex. She realizes you’re watching, looks right at you, and moans even louder! She lets you watch the whole spectacle! Voyeurism is the main featured fetish.

The second game is called “Black Mafia”. You owe a debt to some black thugs, and they’ve come to extort it from your mother. She’s always wanted some big black cock, and will pay the debt with her body! Humiliation is the main featured fetish.

The third mini-game is called “Minigame Three”, and it’s a short story about an older woman seducing you! Players can customize her name. The default name is “Babysitter”. This little title is fully animated with realistic and erotic clips that are sure to leave you satisfied! Seduction is the main featured fetish.

All assets are either original or recycled from the main game, “The Spellbook”.

Download the minigames here. You can support the developer on Patreon.