Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist, voiced by KarissaPresents

A Gentle Girl and a Short Escape, a netorare hentai game developed by “Unidentified Flying Monster”. Released on November 29, 2017. Download on DLsite for $8.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Free demo available. Download the English fan translation.

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The game we’re reviewing today is “A Gentle Girl and A Short Escape”, a cuckolding title developed by Unidentified Flying Monster. You and your childhood friend are trapped in a mysterious mansion! Will she confess her love to you? Or will another guy steal her heart?

The game offers a ton of replay value due to the 7 endings available. In two of the endings, your childhood friend will stay loyal to you. In the other five endings, she falls for another man’s cock.Based on survey questions when you start the game, you can determine the personality of your childhood friend. Is she an innocent virgin? Or a total meat toilet! You choose!

You spend most of the game trying to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the mansion. The pause menu has a “Hint” function that points you in the right direction when you get lost! The other characters of the mansion wander randomly, independent of your actions. Try to remember to interrupt when your childhood friend is alone with a guy. Guard your woman or she won’t stay loyal for long!

The game can be completed in under two hours, but will take longer if you struggle with puzzles. There are 21 sex scenes in total, each contributes to the sex stats of your childhood friend.

From peeking into a doorway cracked open, to peeping through a hole in the wall to see it all. There’s tons of sexy situations your childhood friend will find herself in. Play your cards right and you can avoid becoming a cuckold. Of course, if you want that, then go ahead and let it happen. Our scores may be average, but that’s mostly because the game is so short.

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