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Hentai Seduction Game Review: #2 Free For All

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

#2 Free For All, an ecchi seduction game developed by Bokki Guy. Released September 20, 2019. Download on DLSite.com for $8.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Available in English & Japanese.

You won a lottery and got a date with hero #2 from M-Corp! Give her a gift, learn all about her, and grope her perfect body!

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You’ve won a day with the beautiful heroine #2 from M-Corp! Spend time with her until she lets you stick your dick in her!

Rather than an actual story, the writing is entirely focused on your conversations with #2. The problem is, she never gives her real name and most topics you tackle are shallow. For example, she’s a hero due to possessing a limited telepathy power that isn’t really explained.

One moment she’s pole dancing for you, the next she’s telling you a long story about when her helicopter crashed into the sea. There isn’t a real flow to the story, which relies on sexy scenes to compliment the random plot points.

The plus side is, these sexy moments show the girl slowly growing to trust you. While at first she’ll hesitate to let you even glance at her butt, by the end of the game she’s pole dancing and showing off her ass right in your face! If you love slow burning seduction games, this title is a perfect fit. This game has only one ending where you ask her on a second date.


Free For All was created in RPG Maker Engine 2003. I imagine the reason was because it’s best suited for interactive minigames and pixel animations.

Talk to #2 until she allows some groping. Then, play a minigame or view an erotic scene. Repeat this until the date is over and she’s in love with you. Dialogue offers numerous choices that affect how much she likes you. For example, if you love green tea just like her, she’ll think you’re a perfect match for her. It’s smart to save these topics for whenever she’s upset, so you can win her back easily.

About halfway through the game you’re launched into an RPG story about #2 exploring a boat at sea. There are no level-ups and the experience is more focused on puzzles than battles. It was a good change of pace.

The minigames are basic and forgettable. Jump or slide to avoid obstacles, swim away from dangerous sea mines, etc. They make for a quirky experience here, but none of these games are fun enough to stand on their own.

The game is told in 8 basic stages. A full playthrough should take two hours, but you’ll likely take longer, because you’ll be loading your save file to test different dialogue options. In total, there’s at least four hours of content to enjoy.


RPG Maker 2003 is limited in that all art must be created within the engine itself. This means the art is anime style pixel animations. The engine offers distinct visuals, with the downside that the resolution is always average at best.

The game features tons of animations like #2 shaking her head or moving her ass from side to side. I loved the visuals, but wanted more. The female lead has few idle animations, and doesn’t blink too often.

The game world is nonexistent until the RPG side-game begins. Then, you see character sprites for #2 and other characters. For example, there are cameo characters from the manga “Kindaichi Case Files”. This was completely random and strange.

The RPG section of the game features a real-time combat system. Time passes while you make strategic decisions. When you finally do, all attacks are fully animated with unique visuals that convey the impact of your choices. Honestly, this is better than most games in RPG Maker VX! To use an engine almost two decades old, and make it seem new, this developer proved himself a true professional.


#2 Free For All has no voice acting.

The sound effects fit perfectly with the visuals on screen. From firing a laser gun to jumping over crumbling rubble, this game matches every action with a fitting audio file. Admittedly, most scenes don’t require sound effects. As the focus of the game is the conversations with #2, there aren’t many opportunities to use the great sound effects. The sound design left me impressed but wanting more!


Although there are over 100 music tracks, only ten are actually used. From the moment you open the main menu, you hear a unique song. Chimes like piano keys play a soft melody that truly relaxes the player. The main gameplay music for talking to #2 borrows the beat from Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”.

I genuinely enjoyed all of the music tracks in this game and want them to be reused in future titles. Some of these tracks made me feel like an explorer in grassy fields, which doesn’t fit the game, but was still super enjoyable. The variety of instruments, lengthy tracks, all with a relaxed and happy theme made this game a joyful experience.


There are no sex scenes. The focus of the game is on slowly undressing #2 until she is completely nude for you. The game ends as soon as she’s nude, which was disappointing, but fits the relaxed tone of the game.

The content can be best described as ecchi. From pole dancing to borderline twerking, #2 is always happy to show off to hoard compliments. Pinching nipples and groping ass is nice, but I was always left wanting more. Not to mention she is only fully nude showing off her frontside. I wanted to see some bare ass! It’s too bad this game was so mild with the sexy content.


#2 Free for All is an incredible seduction-themed game focused on winning the heart of a petite cutie. The music is awesome, the graphics are gorgeous, and the gameplay is simple. If you love cute conversations with shy babes, this experience is perfect.

Highly recommend romantic hentai game. Download #2 Free For All.

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