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Yuri Visual Novel Game Review: Roomie Romance

by Mistress Valentine

Written by Mistress Valentine, edited by Otaku Apologist

Roomie Romance, a yuri visual novel game developed and published by Dharker Studio. Released September 16, 2019. Download on Nutaku.net for $15.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

You assume the role of Mira, a cheerful girl who just moved to town to start a new job. All is well until she meets her roommate who is sexy as hell and willing to spread her pussy for Mira to eat out. Things become more complicated when Mira learns that her Sempai is also a colleague at work. But that’s okay. It just means more opportunities for her to have lesbian sex with her new roommate!

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You play as Mira. You have just moved to a new city and a new job. You don’t know anybody, but that doesn’t matter when you meet your sexy roommate! You throw all caution to the wind and become a cute stereotypical lesbian couple. This isn’t easy because Sempai can’t take a hint. The relationship takes a turn for the weird when Mira finds out her Sempai works at the same office as she does.

The events of the game take place over the course of a year. The game is littered with choices that impact your relationship with your Sempai. Say the wrong thing, and your pussy will end up dry and unfilled.

Roomie Romance is littered with typical rom-com clichés, such as trying on bathing suits, cosplaying, hanging out at the beach, etc. The story makes up for the clichés with its likable cast of characters. The game introduces several supporting characters, like Jasmin who wants to become the manager of a lingerie store, Melissa, who works at the beach resort and the salacious Rias, a camgirl with her own show.

The deepening relationship between Mira and her Sempai is portrayed realistically. Both Mira and her Sempai have very distinct personalities and attitudes. The sexual encounters are wholesome, with long and steamy play-by-plays.

cute blonde maid dusts off sleeping lover


The game has no voice acting and no sound effects.


Roomie Romance has a wide selection of musical tracks. These songs have a slow, relaxing melody to them. The music conjures an intimate, carefree atmosphere that makes you enjoy the experience even more. Songs fit the genre of the game and flow with noticeable changeovers. You hear original instruments like the keyboard and piano. There are also violins and wind instruments. One problem with the soundtrack is that almost every song sounds like it could be the next segment of the last song. The sex scenes need way better music.

cute couple visits amusement park


Roomie Romance is a visual novel game. You click the screen to “turn the page”. The game allows you to ‘save’ and ‘load’ previous game data. There are enough slots to save your progress. Use the ‘auto’ and ‘skip’ buttons for hands-off play. There is also a Gallery where you can view CGs and other artwork.

During gameplay you are presented with choices. Choices determine what direction your romance with Sempai will take. The game has branching story routes. Almost every choice has an impact on the direction of the story. There are five possible endings and two alternative endings to unlock, including one where you become a submissive fuckdoll for Sempai, and another ending, where you and the other girls start a homosexual harem.

The balance between intimate and good ol’ in-and-out is great. The game makes you work to unlock these scenes. Certain choices unlock alternate sexual encounters. You need to replay the game if you wanna get them all.

Roomie Romance is packed with content. In addition to the main game, there are a total of 6 DLC packs. DLC stories are just an excuse to put Mira and Sempai into different fetish scenarios like dressing up as a maid, servicing each other, or sharing a bath together. There are also several artbooks available in PDF format with CGs of all the characters, illustrations, backdrops and breakdowns showing you how to build the perfect romance with Sempai.

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The artwork in Roomie Romance is rich in color and high quality.  The game has a large collection of CGs. Character sprites have multiple facial expressions and poses. Sprites are drawn with several outfits that they wear throughout the game including bikini, casual wear, bondage wear, and full-on nudes. Sexual artwork is hot, with lewd camera angles and cute character poses. Sprites have lots of expressions that evolve as the scene plays out.

Characters have cute appearances with large plump tits and soft bodies. Hair styles, attire, and color schemes make each character feel different and unique. Some of the girls look like they suffer from “same face syndrome” but it isn’t distracting. The game focuses heavily on showing off Mira and Sempai from the best angles. There are plenty of Dutch camera angles that give CGs an orthodox feel. Artwork uses thin edge lines with realistic color schemes that aren’t too vibrant or jaded.

Background artwork is an absolute highlight with a vast collection of different locations, both indoor and outdoor. Each venue is rich with detail that makes the artwork pop. Sometimes the background artwork looks more amazing than the characters. There are morning, afternoon and evening variations for most locations that make use of appropriate color shading to showcase the time difference. Colours are bright and lively with fantastic use of light and shadows.

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Roomie Romance strikes the perfect balance between slutty fuck scenes and lewd sexual situations. In one scene Mira masturbates with one hand while playing on her phone with the other. In another scene Sempai wall-pushes you against the television and grabs Mira’s boob, squeezing and making you squirm in delight. Mira eats rubber dildo cock at the beach while Sempai makes you submit to her using a bullet vibrator.

Lewd scenes rarely feature sex, but puts the characters in promiscuous situations. When Mira and Sempai are riding on the roller coaster, the wind blows in their tops, letting the audience see their boobs inside their bras. They visit the lingerie store where Jasmin works and try on some sexy maid outfits.

During the Submissive Route, Sempai will tie Mira up and dress her in a sexy bondage outfit. She gags Mira before fondling her all over. The game has an excellent pussy scissoring encounter. It’s hot as hell.  There is also a group sex scene where Rias straps on a dildo and fucks Sempai and Mira while the two eat each other out.

lesbian couple lick each other's pussies


Roomie Romance is a great hentai game with fun characters, and wholesome, emotionally evocative sexual content. The soundtrack is full of high quality songs, even if the sex scene music lacks oomph. The lack of voice acting and other audio is inexcusable for a veteran studio, but apparently their customers do not fucking care. The game has tons of content and replay value. You’ll be busy for hours enjoying these lesbian cuties explore their feelings and their bodies.

For once we can highly recommend a release from Dharker Studio. Let us hope the studio can keep this standard and improve even more, because goddamn these guys took a long-ass time to make a proper sex game. Download Roomie Romance now.

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