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Jumble Strikers, a hentai RPG developed by ToraumaCompany. Released November 14, 2020. Download on DLSite for $16.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

Female adventurers are being kidnapped! Uncover the secret society that is using monsters to fuck women for a mysterious purpose. If you fail, all of humanity will become sex toys for monsters!

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Before trying this game, please read our guide how to download DLsite games. This game assumes you’ve already played its predecessor, Jumble Jokers.


Rin is a martial artist and vigilante who fights for justice. Once she learns about the kidnappings, she devotes herself to stopping them. She admires Princess Melfi greatly.

Princess Melfi is the eldest daughter of the King. She is next in line for the throne, but lacks the confidence needed for a monarch. The kidnappers will get a bonus if they impregnate her, so you’ve got to protect her!

Tetra is the slim green-haired girl from the future. She was created in a lab via gene splicing to have the intelligence and appearance of Estelle from Jumble Jokers. She has traveled back in time to stop the monsters from wiping out humanity. Once her mission is completed, she will disappear from existence, because the future is peaceful.

Amelia is the pink-haired ditzy mage girl. She is also the only character from Jumble Jokers to join your party. The blue mage Jeremiah, loyal to her master, is a valuable friend and party member to have.

Claire is the protagonist of Jumble Jokers, the first game in the series. With purple hair and a toned body, she’s been training hard while everyone else has been lazy. She is the only character from the first game to retain her powerful stats.

Princess Lucie is the little sister of Melfi. She was a secondary protagonist in the previous game, and motivated Claire to help defeat the monster menace. She spends most of Jumble Strikers investigating the kidnappings on her own.

Estelle is the big-titty green-haired babe from the previous game. She is a descendant of the great scientist Annette, who first created the monsters that now plague the world. At the end of Jumble Jokers, Estelle and the party kill all the monsters they can find and pacify the sentient forest that was attacking humanity.

While Claire and Lucie are out adventuring, Estelle is the only character from Jumble Jokers who has frequent dialogue in Jumble Strikers. She stays out of the battle this time around, because if she dies, Tetra will disappear.


Jumble Jokers is the first game in the series and chronologically happened one year before Jumble Strikers. Numerous events and characters from the first game are mentioned here, so I highly recommend playing Jumble Jokers before trying this one.

I love how the game answers all of your questions smoothly. You can see what happened after the end of Jumble Jokers, learn what everyone is up to, and understand why a new generation of heroes must rise. This truly is a sequel done right!

The first game focused on pacifying the Protector of the Forest and killing the sealed monsters. This game is focused on a resurgence of the monsters thanks to the evil cult of kidnappers breeding new ones. Although Tetra mentions a dystopian future, you never see it, so the stakes feel lower than before.

I love that Claire retains her power from the previous game! I also love that they gave her things to do like escorting the emperor, so the focus could remain on the new heroes. The one thing I disliked was that Amelia joins your party in this game and she’s only level 20. In the previous game, she was level 50! So she somehow got significantly weaker!

There are plenty of references to the first game, like inside the ruins where you find the penis-shaped cannon from the finale of Jumble Jokers! Or how people mention the earthquake you caused in the first game. And if you return to the ruins of the first game, you can see the Protector of the Forest still active, just underground.

I especially love how the time machine plays a central role in this game as well. You may recall, Estelle used the time machine to jump forward in time, and then it broke. In this game, thanks to Tetra’s glasses, Estelle finally has a meteorite fragment and can repair the time machine! I love the lore implications of this, that the fragments are immune to the standard effects of time travel.


The story of Jumble Strikers is relatively simple. Fighter Rin and Princess Melfi team up to investigate the kidnappings and monsters. Estelle points them to the old ruins, where they meet Tetra. They don’t find anything in the ruins, so they investigate the sewers and uncover the enemy base. Then the enemies launch an attack on the royal castle and flee. You follow them to their eastern hideout and defeat them, the end.

The leader of the kidnappers was the royal minister. He hoped to use the monsters to assassinate the royal family and seize power, but instead the monsters kill him. Once you defeat the monsters, Tetra disappears, because her dystopian future is erased. Her death causes everyone grief, so Estelle rewinds time to bring her back. Then you find a magic item that can keep her alive, and Tetra lives. A bonus epilogue will play if one of your party members is pregnant with a human child.

This game has far fewer comedic moments than Jumble Jokers. And while the first game offered philosophy and mystery, this game was pretty predictable. Honestly, the best moments of this game rely on nostalgia like when Claire 1-shots your party, then changes her mind and helps you.

While the first game had a ton of replay value due to its slow-burning mystery format, this game does not. This one is still good, but not great. Especially because you won’t understand a lot of it without playing the first one.


Jumble Strikers was created in RPG Maker MV. Remember, the original was made in RPGM XP, so this was a huge jump. The developer spent their time porting over all of the game mechanics from the original game, in a more accessible and flexible engine. However, he spent so much time duplicating the mechanics of Jumble Jokers, that he failed to add any new mechanics to this title.

This game offers a normal mode and “Joker Mode”. The latter mimics the mechanics of the first game by making characters paralyzed once grappled. I recommend playing on normal mode, since it’s much more fun.

The game is a standard dungeon crawler. Kill enemies, level up, buy equipment, learn new spells, test them out, and fight strong bosses. The game relies heavily on finding strong equipment, and there are no stat boosting items. Meaning, if you don’t like your base agility and wanted to change the order of attack, you cannot.

The Original Jumble Jokers took 5 hours to complete on a clean play-through with no scenes. This game is about the same length, but a bit shorter. However, Jumble Strikers is a much smoother experience since it can be beaten in one sitting. Annoyances like scripted losses or overpowered enemies that were common in Jumble Jokers, are not a problem here.

For example, in the first game you’d randomly get paralyzed and fucked by monsters, forcing you to return to town or load game. But in Jumble Strikers, dialogue will tell you “we should get paralysis immunity items before entering this cave”.


The artist from the previous title returns here, with art that is of equal or greater quality than Jumble Jokers.

Although cut-in images for battle groupings are still used, there are noticeably more full screen CGs used throughout the game. My favorites are when Princess Melfi is sleeping and when Rin is holding her baby in the epilogue. These scenes demonstrate the artist’s finesse with both character art and background artworks.

There are over 60 unique scenes involving the four main girls and the girls from the previous game. Seeing Claire, Estelle, and Lucie being sexually harassed was super nostalgic and also super hot since the screen resolution is higher. My only complaint is the lack of crossover scenes. I would have loved to see two girls getting fucked by goblins, but it’s always a solo experience.

The setting of this game is extremely bland compared to its predecessor. The first game had a giant sprawling forest that was easy to get lost in, this game has a tiny forest. The mysterious ruins are gone, this game has a bit of ruins and then a giant sewer. And while the first game had a cave early on, this one has a cave of goblins before the last level. By then, you’re already so strong that Goblins are nothing to you! In Jumble Strikers, the world in general feels pieced together at random, rather than a truly cohesive experience.

Both Jumble Jokers and Jumble Strikers suffer from a distinct lack of NPCs. The difference is that this is the sequel title, taking place at the royal capital of the nation! I was expecting busy streets with dynamic dialogue and maybe some hobos, but instead I got a handful of boring empty buildings. And the starter town was no better, since it was just a pub with two people in it! The focus is on the monsters, and the royal capital is just a bunch of copy-pasted buildings.

My biggest gripe with the visuals is that the artist never took any chances on character design. Tetra is just a petite version of Estelle, Melfi is Princess Lucie in a dress, and Amelia has the exact same outfit as the previous game! The only unique character is Rin, but she just runs around in a blue smock! While Jumble Jokers was fresh and new, Jumble Strikers feels like more of the same.


Jumble Strikers has no voice acting.

The sound design is mostly standard assets from the RPG Maker MV library. From the moment you start the game you’re going to have to get used to stock assets all throughout. This game feels like a cookie-cutter RPG experience.


There are 46 songs in this game, all of them are stock assets from the RPG Maker library, many of which were also used in the first game. At the time of writing, the first game has sold 18,000 units, so don’t tell me they didn’t have the budget for some licensed tracks. The developer didn’t care for the sound design. Although the final boss music was a great change from the norm, the majority of the game can be played on mute and nothing would be lost.


There are over 60 unique scenes. The vast majority are simple body shots with transparent outlines of monsters overlaid on top. However, when the artist does a full sex scene, it is magnificent.

Wolf impregnation, tentacle creampies, goblin gangbangs, and so much more! My favorite aspect of this game is the addition of human on human sex! If one of your girls gets creampied by a human, she’ll get pregnant with his human child! Then, after you beat the final boss, an epilogue will play, showing the girl raising her baby.

The game has familiar sex-related mechanics. A morning-after pill, water to clean off semen, abortion, and sensitivity that rises over time as your girls get groped.

The sex stats for each girl are nice, but the game does have some flaws. Most monsters only impregnate you with eggs. Even if you fucked a wolf, he just puts an egg in your stomach! That was really silly! That’s why I preferred having sex with human men for a chance at a pregnancy epilogue to the game.


Jumble Strikers is a fun monster sex RPG, but a lot of the plot relies on its predecessor. While the game engine has changed, the game mechanics are identical. While old characters return, that just means your main party looks really similar to the first game. I enjoyed this, but mostly out of nostalgia.

Download Jumble Strikers. If you liked this game but want to try the epic original, I highly recommend checking out our review of Jumble Jokers!

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