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I used to think that love is a scam. At my most cynical moments, I thought of love as a surge of brain chemicals that facilitates reproduction. But after wrecking a budding relationship back in 2019, I went on a soul searching mission online.

Getting a woman to fuck you requires mechanics and execution, but there’s more to attraction than just pushing the right brain buttons at the right time. In order to forge actual loving relationships, you need to have your shit together. I read books on pickup and seduction, I studied female psychology and sexuality, I went out with girls and fucked a couple. I plowed through some of the most toxic seduction material out there, applied my learning, only to realize I don’t want short-term sex relationships.

I was quickly realizing that dating lots of women would lead to a miserable life. All I wanted was one super solid woman to commit to. So, in my search for healthy dating advice, I came across a writer named Mark Manson. I read his book, Models: Attracting Women With Honesty. Some months from that life changing choice, I searched online for his website.

Markmanson.net is a self-help website packed full of great content. He covers everything from your personal values to emotional intelligence. Almost none of his content is focused on actual seduction mechanics. This is not the advice an aspiring amateur pickup artist will read. No, this content is conversion therapy out of that toxic lifestyle of pussy hunting.

All of Mark’s content is beautifully categorized for ease of access. The advice is valid for both men and women. By clicking different categories, you can quickly gain insights into whatever issue you are having in your love life.

Most impressive about this website is the level-headed nature of the advice. Manson is focused on helping you to pick up your slack, so you can become a long-term investment as a person.

I was a porn addict all my life. When Hentaireviews kicked off, I started to have money and popularity, and suddenly girls showed a lot more interest, which died very quickly! I was still a self-loathing wanker at heart. That had to be fixed, and Manson helped me with that.

So, what makes this website such an incredible resource for self-help and relationship advice? The author has a style of writing that looks you eye-to-eye with respect. He was a shitter, a nerdy guy from a single mother family. He knows what it’s like and how to get out.

The difference between Manson and other dating advice businesses is vast. He focuses on helping you to reach a level where high-quality women start wanting long-term relationships with you. Getting party girls drunk and bunked is fun, even he admitted to that in his book Models. But that gets old fast, and it’s not a healthy lifestyle. Manson advocates for honesty: Make yourself such a solid fucking person that you can be honest with the women you meet. No tricks, no game, just good old-fashioned masculine charm.

The site loads fast. The content is great, the layout is simple, the search engine works, all the basics check out. Many articles have been voiced ebook-style. Click play and listen, if you prefer to consume the media that way.

The site has a subscription-based business model. Mark promises that his best advice is behind this paywall. He also sells books and online courses. If you like his content, you can easily support him. I haven’t checked the paid content, because I’m a moocher.

My favorite articles on the site include Relationship Advice from 1500 Couples, and If Self-Discipline Feels Difficult, Then You’re Doing it Wrong, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. I suggest you start your journey from these.

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