Written by Otaku Apologist

As censorship in the west has exploded into a sweeping phenomenon, we are seeing more and more petty despotic behavior from everybody. We see policemen, banks, social media companies, payment processors, even gaming forums turning into group-think cesspits run by small-minded control freaks. Everyone is protecting their reputations in corrupt systems by severing ties with others for wrong-think.

The amount of red tape is staggering. Laws and social rules and this toxic media environment encumber both businesses and individuals. We are not learning to mediate our differences peacefully with so much coercion in the system setting roadblocks to conversations. It’s this fear of crossing the line, to have your life destroyed over cracking a bad joke, or expressing an unpopular opinion, that is making our lives miserable and full of fear. You can’t even post news or memes these days without getting branded a bigot.

Enough is enough. Whatever well-meaning intent political correctness, deplatforming, hate speech laws and similar restrictions were meant to service when the ideas became popular and legislation was passed, they have failed at it. Instead of protecting us from tyranny, these things have made us all into tyrants. We cannot have free speech and hate speech laws, as the latter cancels the former. At this point I’m so pissed off, I want hate speech laws abolished in their entirety. Let us start curtailing government power from that angle. I am sick of all these garbage optics we all have to play to maintain access to our jobs, to banking services, social media, and more.

I’m clearly not the only one that’s pissed. Look at the two images below. It’s the same idea in both: Fuck the government.

Our governments and the corporations that hold monopoly power in many sectors are becoming so oppressive in their efforts to stop this nebulous “hate speech”, that compliance with the system is not even worth it. A silent uprising is already occurring, as consumers are changing their email providers, their sources of news, their preferred video streaming platforms, and more.

The system is not protecting us from tyranny, it is making us all into tyrants. We cut ties with our friends and family and co-workers who vote the wrong guy, think the wrong shit, or question government science. We wage our personal information wars in our off-time, sharing news and content that provides a different perspective. There’s no debate or conversations, we’re seeking to identify friends from enemies.

Internet censorship has gotten way out of control. Right now, links to websites are being blacklisted from Google, Discord, and social media, for talking about taboo topics, like the government’s strategy to combat the china virus. You cannot criticize the lockdowns or the vaccines or other government science without potentially losing your Google traffic. People everywhere are losing their jobs for pointing out the newest statistics and research that propose adjustments to various policies. If we cannot talk, how can we improve?

Governments and corporations are practically getting married and having public sex in front of our faces. This is fascism, the textbook definition of it. The only difference between the fascist regimes of the 1940s and today’s European and American nation states, is that ethno-nationalism has been replaced with diversity and woke culture.

I followed the 2020 US elections keenly. Regardless whether you believe Trump or Biden won that clusterfuck, the brutality of the censorship around the debate was unquestionable. Big tech companies Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, and many others, abused their power with impunity. Twitter had the audacity to ban the president of the United States along with thousands of his supporters. And when Trump supporters fled to Twitter’s competitor, Parler, all these companies pulled the plug on the app.

This is not how democracy is supposed to work. We, the people, are supposed to be allowed to speak our minds about concerns we have without fear of repercussions. Were the elections fair? Are vaccines safe? What’s happening to the climate? We are not allowed to ask questions. We do not live in free societies, we live under fascism. It’s an abusive relationship between the government and its citizenry.

The argument for this censorship is to stop the spread of hateful ideas and to suppress violence. The flaw in that argument, and the flaw of censorship is that it leads to lack of exposure to people who hold different ideas than we do. When we can’t understand each other, how can we talk to one another? There’s a strange fear going on that fringe ideas such as national socialism and fascism will start gaining traction unless we actively suppress them. The suppression is unnecessary, as the ability to freely criticize the ideas and the people spreading their views contains the growth of their popularity. Ideas are fought with persuasive arguments, not bullets.

People are not easily seduced by arguments, not even the best ones. But if we already know that persuading anyone into changing their views is so difficult, why are we afraid that fringe ideas would suddenly spread like wildfire if given the chance to be voiced publicly?

Freedom of speech means the ability to express dumb ideas. You are free to say your uninformed opinion, and I am allowed to point out the many ways you are wrong. Conversations are essential to mellow out differences of opinion. We’re all human, we make mistakes. When someone points out our mistakes, we can begin to correct them. We have to be able to talk through our differences, otherwise political extremists who believe the use of violence is an acceptable means of advancing their goals gain legitimacy and support.

A violent uprising against this oppression is unlikely in this day and age of high-tech weaponry, but thankfully, it is unnecessary. Most of us own a car and have enough money and skills to simply relocate to a more free environment. We can choose where we pay taxes and which companies we buy service from. We can uproot our lives when we must and flip the middle finger at petty despots and their edicts.