Written by Mistress Valentine, edited by Sexy and Otaku Apologist

Tonari no Ie no Anette-san, a hentai anime made by Pink Pineapple. Released January 31, 2020. Runtime 25 minutes. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals. Based on the artworks of Aoi Nagisa.


The anime follows an average nameless faceless John Doe who opens the door to his apartment one day to discover a chocolatey skinned girl with huge boobs and a plump body named Annette waiting to introduce herself.

We then cut to him begging to touch her boobs. It’s almost like we skipped several scenes. Annette lets Joe fondle her before submitting to trying on a bunch of skimpier bikinis for him. All that done, he finally asks to fuck her.

The anime is a rushed mess with the episode divided between time skips and sex. If there is a plot it happens off-screen and isn’t referenced at all. There is no build up or reason why Annette fucks Joe. The time-skips are played up to be funny but come off as lazy.


The quality of the animation is subpar overall. Annette’s character design is odd. Her chocolaty skin is sexy and her lips are made for sucking cock but the artists put the light to crisp white and that makes her look spotted when she is naked.

The anime tries to give Annette that wet look with sweat glistening all over her body but fails miserably. Her breasts are huge but not quite my kind of thing. They behave like jello and bounce randomly with every motion. Which normally people should like but, they are also inconsistent between scenes. The background artwork is better but limited. Most scenes focus on close-up shots of Annette or John. The only proper view we get is a wide shot of the apartment building. The colors are jaded and don’t give off a sexy feel.


Half the anime is about mindless vanilla sex. Joe fucks and creams inside Annette even though she asks him not to. The anime establishes that Joe really wants to knock Annette up but gives no reason why. I guess he’s got a fetish for paying child support.

Joe does Annette from behind in one scene and becomes immediately hard again. Joe nonchalantly empties his ballsack inside Annette and then moments later shoots another full load in her again. What a fucking stud.

In another scene Joe fucks Annette on the floor before sticking his dick in her mouth to clean him off. She chews him out for being forceful before requesting a tittyfuck. Anette can’t swallow all the cum, so she licks it instead. Another scene shows her dress up in some rabbit ears and bikini before giving Joe a sloppy boobjob before letting him pound her.

The sex positions have variety and the camera works hard to make sure we see Annette from the best point of views. She is a quality cock slave with a body made for no other purpose but to service men’s dicks.


Annette’s voice actress sounds like she could be moonlighting as a real-life porn star. She is cute and adorable during normal conversations but behaves like an absolute whore when she spreads her legs. Her sex moans are a total highlight.


The anime has no music.


My Neighbor Annette is a very basic hentai anime that features a gorgeous chocolate cumslut ripe for sex. The production values are lacking, and I felt like the babe was betrayed by the producers. This could’ve been something amazing.

You can watch this saucy anime on multiple shady streaming sites, including Hentaihaven.com.

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