Written by Otaku Apologist

The world of Kuroinu is like the middle-east when ISIS was allowed to roam by the impotent Obama administration. The muslim terrorists had their own glorious caliphate funded with Saudi money, they could rape and kill for years in their own depraved nation. Then came Trump, and that war ended real fucking quick. The same goes for queen Celestine’s centuries-spanning war against the dark elf queen Olga. Vult ended that shit real quick.

This game is the most masculine fuckfest I’ve ever played in my life.

Geopolitics aside, let’s talk about this game. The southern kingdoms had become weak, and corrupt, with many people profiting from the neverending war. The Black Dogs warband were bankrolled by multiple noblemen over the years, making their ongoing killing spree financially viable. The warband gained a fiercesome reputation that attracted monsters of many races. The army swelled in ranks, growing ever more experienced in the art of war. After centuries of natural selection in the killing fields, a brutal man like Vult was born, embracing war as a lifestyle.

Vult felt no guilt over betraying the southern kingdoms and going to war with them. He despised them for their cowardice. They were weak and greedy, he knew the war racketeers among the alliance would flock to him if there was profit. He was confident he could overtake the entire continent. Each fortress was filled with brave warriors, and brilliant military leaders, while the castles had basically impenetrable walls. Vult could’ve never broken the fortresses without the help of several betrayers among the Seven Shields Alliance. It’s remarkable that each fortress had a corrupt piece of shit insider selling off their countrymen for a fuck with the princess. The alliance was a complete mess – as their former employee, Vult knew this.

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Kuroinu is a porn game, but the story bits in between the rape scenes depict a world where actions have karmic reactions. The long, pointless war had become a morally bankrupt racket. Vult was the embodiment of karma bitch slapping the Alliance back to reality. In real life, we have the military industrial complex that comprises of organizations and individuals profiting from the wars of the world. We have a central banking cartel that supplies endless money to the military, we have politicians making shady deals with enemy nations. We have a press that hypes the public for war with fear (weapons of mass destruction!), or appealing to morality (human rights violations!).

Karma is a bitch. Turn your back on her, she’ll fuck you with a strap-on.