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Power of the Dark Side: Getting Rich by Offending Snowflakes

by OtakuApologist

It’s been roughly 10 years since I was in writing school. It was 20 years ago that the girl I liked sent my poem back in shreds. It’s been more than 20 years since my teacher approached me after class about participating in a writing competition I didn’t win. It’s been almost three full decades since my home room teacher read my story out loud and the class laughed.

Today, I’m one of the more successful bloggers in the field of erotic fiction. In this blog post, I will talk about the power of your deepest, darkest personal experiences and using the attached emotions as your creative fuel. If you’re writing from the heart, which is the only thing you should ever do, the words are coming from so deep, it’s basically your inner child screaming, cursing, clacking its teeth, throwing shit at the walls.

The emotions that spring you into consistent writing work can be anything, but I believe they have to be deep, and personal, or your material will be flaccid. Eminem wrote his best poetry when fucking angry, and he made bank.

But the subtexts of Star Wars is real shit. Dark side energy is corrupting, and it can seriously damage your health and your relationships. Eminem had an alcohol problem, his lyrics and style are often violent. And if you look at some of the best writers our history knows, there’s often drugs and alcohol, domestic abuse, sometimes suicide. Tapping into your depth is a dance with real demons.

Creative writing is the ideal tool for sorting out your inner chaos. Life is a series of complex experiences, which is the nice way of saying, you’re the helpless victim to the whims of people and events more powerful than you. Without efforts to organize your experiences into useful lessons, you may get trapped into cycles of self-defeating behaviors, addictions and vices. Writing can be very therapeutic.

But you can also use writing as a means of creating chaos, inside of you and in society. Instead of organizing your inner turmoil, you can let it loose upon the world, like a locust swarm!

Some of the most influential writers in our history wrote shit that fucked up the whole world for generations. Smart assholes like Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche stirred up shit storms that continue to this day. That mustache-guy who had a pet peeve with the Jewish population of Germany, he wrote a book that is popular even today. Writing is powerful, because it not only makes people think, it makes them feel, it makes them want to flood the streets and burn things.

At this point, I want to talk briefly on censorship. Nobody likes it when you aren’t allowed to express yourself, but there is a good reason for the existence of censorship. Without limitations to free speech, you will get more crazy mustache-guys, some of whom will become popular public figures, with masses of rabid fans inspired into flipping the social order through protest and activism. All the censors of the world are completely correct in their efforts to silence voices in order to preserve peace and harmony in society… in their own perspective.

But the social order is not always something that should be preserved. Sometimes, it’s time for serious reform. When there are fundamental problems in society, complacently accepting how things are and have always been is not cool, because what we have, is clearly not working.

Censorship has become abundant in the English-speaking west, because it serves an important purpose. That purpose is keeping the social structure cohesive during revolutionary phases in historical cycles, so the upper castes can enjoy riches and privilege, while the rest of us grind the mud for pennies. If they let people speak freely, there’d be a lot of rich assholes in jail.

It’s getting impossible to preserve your livelihood and mental health in the western media marketplace with so many neurotic control freaks engaged in digital book burning. You can’t say anything anymore without offending somebody, and that’s scary for fiction writers. Everything you say publicly comes with risks, and that’s super scary, if you’re a pussy.

There’s a big fat silver-lining to the situation: With fewer authors able to successfully navigate a complex social environment filled with landmines, there’s a big market left unserved, which you can grab by the ass. If you don’t get completely cancelled and de-platformed, you have a good chance at riches. Jordan Peterson did it, his life and career were almost destroyed, but so what? Guy is fucking famous.

From the perspective of the individual, you shouldn’t care about your writings throwing the social order into chaos, you shouldn’t even care if you inspire killers and abusers – idiots are going to do crazy things anyway. If your writing lights a match in a room full of gunpowder, let it burn.

Understand, there is no peace in the marketplace of ideas. It is total war, a competition for social power. And the more social power you have, the more money and pussy for you. Why should you care about petty assholes who aren’t your paying customers? Fuck ’em.

You have to be selfish as an author. You can’t give a fuck and make a living. So long as you’re not lying to your readers, you’re doing God’s work. You want to present your audience with reality, as terrifying and dazzling as it’s always been, uncensored and offensive as fuck. Just focus on your own work, focus on telling the truth as you see it, and let the chips lay as they may.

Think of it like this. You’re not wielding a pen, but a machine gun, your relationship with your audience should be one resembling a hostage situation. Think of authors like George R.R. Martin, the creator of the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ books that inspired the Game of Thrones TV series. Fans wait for years for his next book to come out – they are George’s hostages. Because his writing is so fucking good, nobody else can quite provide what he supplies. That’s the level of storytelling skill I want you to pursue. Corner the market, raise the price, basic economics.

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Nate September 2, 2021 - 2:32 pm

You can tell it comes from the heart. Thanks to you for this reflection.


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