Written by Otaku Apologist

Don’t hate me guys and girls, but I enjoyed Diablo 3. A very flawed experience as it was, there were a couple of patches where the game was decent. I paid 50€ on the local super market for my installation DVD, and enjoyed the hell out of it for 500+ hours. My Witch Doctor was quite the badass in his prime, although kiting enemies while rotating defensive cooldowns destroyed my wrists.

Reaper of Souls in contrast held my interest for roughly two days and I was done. We all have genuine gripes about this franchise, but we live in hope that some day, somehow, Blizzard will give us an experience that doesn’t make us depend on the developers of Torchlight or Path of Exile for our ARPG fix.

I was about to play the new free-to-play Diablo Immortal on my new smartphone, I was actually quite excited to see what Blizzard had done this time. A good friend recommended it to me, saying it was pure gaming crack, addicting as fuck.

But then, one of my closest business friends linked a video on the Hentaireviews Community Discord chat. That video was critical to say the least. When I went to Youtube later, the creepy algorithm remembered I had watched this video and recommended another similar video, which I’m embedding to this post.

After watching this video, my sense of self-preservation kicked in. I am prone to get easily addicted and obsessed with things, with a propensity for thrill-seeking and gambling, so me playing this game would lead to financial suicide.

If I played Diablo Immortal, I would just run my business to the ground, to buy the next thing and the next thing and the next, like I did with Cunt Wars. I spent $2000 on that game, just because. Hentaireviews would be sold to one of the corporate conglomerates that dominate the hentai industry, and that’d be it.

Unfortunately, there is a high chance that we cannot review Diablo Immortal. Because even speaking about this game, and it seems like a great game aside from its sickeningly abusive monetization scheme, would get people hooked to an abusive game. We cannot even call these micro transactions, when they’re charging hundreds and thousands of dollars from their players. No, when you’re emotionally manipulating your players to spend absurd amounts into your game, you’ve gone full dark side. Shame on you, Blizzard Entertainment.

Fuck this game. If Youtube’s communists have deleted the video by the time you read this, try search the web for “The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal”.