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“Roe v. Wade” Lost, Democracy is Winning

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Roe v. Wade is gone. And the democratic process is now underway in state legislatures of the US. States are in the process of defining their own abortion laws. Some states are passing total bans on abortion, some are redefining the cutoff points, some are upholding the old laws they preferred.

This is democracy at work, folks. It’s local governments making decisions that reflect the morals and culture of their citizenry. And if people are unhappy with the laws of their state, they can choose to move to another state that reflects their morals. It’s totally acceptable whatever your stance is on the issue. You are allowed to choose where you live and work and what you believe.

The globalized liberal monoculture that has been dominant in the English-speaking west is crumbling before our very eyes. In almost every election I’ve followed on both sides of the Atlantic, we see nationalist parties gaining seats in parliaments, nationalist presidential candidates winning or coming close to winning, like what happened in French elections in 2022.

We are seeing a passionate, coordinated push for empowered local governments. Away with overraching, bloated federal governments and transnational organizations wielding power over our affairs! Communities are becoming empowered to decide their own paths in this complicated world.

And that should be acceptable to anyone who truly believes in democracy. But to the entrenched political class, these issues are simply another opportunity to sow divisive rhetoric to whore attention. These assholes are the reason why every country needs term limits for their representatives.

I am vehemently against abortion. Yet, I think it’s totally okay what Kansas voters did. This is so okay, I would tattoo “O” and “K” on my forehead, to affirm how much I stand by this point. If you want a particular social standard and laws that support that, you can have that locally!

You can have your baby genocide! You were cool with 60 million baby murders, kill 60 million more! Have your sex parties, host your gay poz parties, teach your teenagers BDSM basics, go full Sodoma and Gomorrah! You can abort your own babies post-birth and put their bodies in freezers and sell their organs for profit, if that’s how you wanna roll.

Freedom is the right to be stupid. Freedom is having the right to do absolutely ridiculous things, because you alone pay the hospital bill after the party is done. If society is footing the bill for the dumb shit you’re pulling, then there’s a problem.

The system doesn’t work when you have both freedom and rampant government intervention at the same time, it’s how you get irresponsible behavior on a large scale. Because people start taking more risks the safer they feel. Of course that’s not everybody, but in general, that’s how people behave. Safer people feel, the more risks they take. It’s what makes taxpayer-funded safety nets like universal basic income such a bad deal.

Western countries are in this silly culture war, because one side wants big government and the other side does not. So, have your fucking big government locally. Have your little socialist experiment and see how long that lasts. If you somehow do the unthinkable and make socialism actually work in your state, good for you! I am genuinely happy for you, please fuck off.

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BasedBiden August 7, 2022 - 4:15 pm

It is a little unusual to see a conservative run a hentai review site. General conservative opinion is that hentai is degenerate.

Just as an aside, the pro-life people are on the side of big government in this instance. Roe vs Wade gave the right to decide to the individual (local governments can’t restrict your freedom to abort). The states that are restricting access are the ones telling you what you can and can’t do with your body. The definition of big government.

On a separate note, blue states “socialism experiment” are generally more economically developed and contribute to the federal budget. Red states are called ‘flyover states/the rust belt’ for a reason. They’re methed up shitholes that leech from the federal budget. Just something to think about…

OtakuApologist August 8, 2022 - 9:47 am

The Bible starts making a hell lot of sense after a few years of this shit. And those are interesting viewpoints you have contributed. What I see both sides do is basically ping-pong between embracing ideas like bodily autonomy selectively, based on issue. With big tech censorship, conservatives have been crying for regulation. In other issues, they emphasize private companies’ right to discriminate and deny service based on race, religion, sexuality, etc. Lefties have this same self-serving hyppocrisy in almost every issue. Barely anybody has any genuine principles, it’s about self-interest masqueraded as morals. But this is why I think it’s important to get the federal government out of enforcing any particular social standard, because then people can congregate with similarly bigoted individuals. Because that’s just how people are, most comfortable among similarly-thinking bigots who hate the same things together. 😉


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