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Activision Attacks Masculine Self-Expression

by OtakuApologist

So many news are coming out this week of new censorship schemes, it’s easy to see the pattern. The grand plan to feminize and sterilize the modern man is advancing, the ultimate goal of the ruling class is depopulation.

Various corporations and governments are working in lockstep to enforce strict speech codes online that grant them the power to control what constitutes truth. What they are doing is coordinated and deliberate and malicious.

Source of the Call of Duty article.

The tech tools to impose totalitarian censorship existed already, now they are more advanced than ever. And the iterative process of implementing these tools is ongoing. Welcome to the grand social experiment of the 21st century!

Western cultures are being actively shaped to be more sensitive, so the population accepts having their freedoms stripped from them, and even request more control imposed on them. It’s bordering on global scale Stockholm syndrome.

Competitiveness and aggression are actively punished. Censoring “toxic speech” sounds so wonderful on surface level, because why would you want to be a bully? Why do you need to trash talk in a competitive videogame? I was bullied and quite traumatized to the point I got a chronic stress disorder to manage in adult age. I understand completely the desire to protect others from emotional damage, but that’s not the government’s job. If you’re bullied, you take karate classes, practice social skills, start a business and fuck bitches. Build yourself into someone objectively respectable.

To be a viable man, you need to practice aggression regularly. Your body is designed by nature to win, it produces testosterone when you experience victories. Without constantly winning, you wither and die. You get old and decrepit decades earlier than normal and get organ failure. Testosterone production requires that you do manly stuff.

The ruling class are technocrats. They adore science and thus they know how men function. They are obviously engineering our cultures to be anti-male as part of population control, so anyone belonging to the middle-class wouldn’t contest their power. Their propaganda confirms their intentions. Masculinity is branded “toxic”, but really, manliness is only a threat to control-freak tech oligarchs.

And when men are weak and docile, the rulers can tighten the noose.

You can find dozens of news like this. The noose is tightening, they’re preparing to kill you.

There are massive problems to having central authorities define acceptable speech. Because when you control speech, you can also control thought, you render populations vulnerable to abuse. You can do whatever you want with a helpless victim. You can strategically define what constitutes offensive speech to include areas where you conduct black market business.

And that’s why “borders are racist”, because then you can run a multi-trillion dollar human trafficking business with open borders, while making a cut out of the related drug smuggling. All evil in the world is a business model.

Here’s another recent article from 2021. Internet freedom is declining. It’s all connected.

So, this is what’s happening. The central planners are boiling the frog, they’re boiling you, until they can legally kill you. It won’t stop here, as we saw in 2020-2022, when the corporate media and governments of countries in complete lockstep massacred small businesses, decimated families and poisoned us. They murdered us by the millions via lockdowns and a cleverly disguised sterilization campaign that’s still ongoing, despite the mounting health complications people are having, evidenced by public data from life insurance companies.

But, let’s not venture too far beyond the red line of acceptable speech. You’ll have to do your own reading online beyond this point. We have to watch out with spreading “misinformation” and “disinformation”, because speculation is exclusively the privilege of sanctioned mainstream media companies only. We don’t have the license to speculate.

Seriously, can game companies stop being fucking dystopian?

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