Written by John Cattle, edited by OtakuApologist

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo is a male sextoy made by the Japanese company Magic Eyes. I have been masturbating with onaholes for years. This toy may be my favorite vaginal themed masturbator yet. This is a bigger, meatier version of the original hugely popular Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I read several reviews claiming the original would tear easily for men with fat members, so I decided to buy the more durable design.

Hey, I’m a freelance writer here! I use the pen name John Cattle. Then again, I could also be another alias for the shady admin of the site. Who knows what’s real in this crazy world, right?

Order at JLIST for $60.00Order at Toydemon for $48.95Order at Kanojotoys for $45.00Order at OtonaJP for 39.90


My order from Toydemon.com took only a couple days to arrive. The company is located in the US, so deliveries are fast. On the day the post man dropped my brown package on the front door, I quickly noticed it was big, much bigger than my other online orders, and it weighed more too. After removing the actual item’s carton from the cardboard, I was greeted by the gold and white container. Unlike most boxes, the front opened up like a window, displaying the item’s specs on the backside of the cover. There was also a large empty window into the box itself. The front of the box displays an auburn-haired anime girl, in a wedding dress, gazing at me with her big blue eyes. Her expression is stoic yet her blushing face, small drop of sweat running down her cheek lets you know she’s nervous about her first time. Be gentle while breaking open her virgin twat!


The outside of the sextoy feels soft, and skin-like. I’ve learned to expect this feel from Magic Eyes products. The feeling is highly reminiscent of La Bocca Della Verita. The vaginal lips are flexible, and very fun to play with. Her inner canal is a dual-layer, consisting of two different textures, of differing levels of firmness. The opening, and first half of the tunnel is firmer, than the back half. If there is anything to complain about the product, it’s that after a few uses her “hymen” can sart tearing. I hope the tear doesn’t grow.

The lubricant sample that’s included in the box, I cannot recommend for use. The jelly feels dry, and provides almost no lubrication for stroking. It can even make the experience a little unpleasant. I felt like I was rubbing my cock raw.


Few things compare to the incredible feeling of deflowering a virgin. It’s a feeling to die for. On my first fap, I lasted only a minute. When you first start to penetrate her, you will feel her camel-toed lips, and the chamber created by them. Then comes the hymen. At first you can’t be sure if you can enter the tight crevice. She’s shy, and doesn’t want to let you in. With a little force, your fully erect cock can make a door on its own, your penis will immediately be tightly hugged by her vaginal walls, like she’s pushing you out. As you go deeper, you feel a few bumps and other details in the masterfully crafted birth canal. Deeper, the feeling becomes more mellow around the head of your penis, while her firm opening still squeezes the base of your shaft. It’s a very intense dick milking experience.


Cleaning is the one weakness of this product. The closed vaginal tunnel is almost impossible to clean perfectly. It’s more difficult than the average hole, because of its tightness. I don’t have special cleaning tools, so I just soak my holes in hot water, and finger-fuck them. I also squeeze the base to squirt the dirty water. As for drying, I usually use tampons. Tampons are great for absorbing moist, but they tend to degrade the inner lining of softer onaholes. I like to put the pussy on my lips, and suck on it, so the water comes out. Afterwards, I let the toy sit for a day or two, but even that may not dry her completely. If you’re buying this toy for the rare occasional use (ie. once 2 weeks), she’s likely gonna deteriorate fast. Use often, and problems won’t arise.


Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo is designed to cut every corner to maximize pleasure. This means that the material is slightly fragile, and the cleaning is extra cumbersome. But if you want a super intense experience that makes your dick explode, you’ll make a happy couple.

Order at JLIST for $60.00Order at Toydemon for $48.95Order at Kanojotoys for $45.00Order at OtonaJP for 39.90

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