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Pocket Waifu Released on Nutaku

by OtakuApologist

MONTREAL – April 12, 2018 – What’s better than finding your ultimate waifu? Being the apple of the eye to every single beauty in an entire group of waifus! Playful 2D girls are depending on you to be entertained, fed, cleaned and put to bed. They’re also relying on your talents to satisfy their sexual appetite. Published by Super Hippo, this game is a homage to the old-school iconic Tamagotchi from the late 90’s, ensuring an experience with all the right feelings of nostalgia, and an 18+ twist to it. Are you up for the challenge? Pocket Waifu will have gamers feeling like a hentai version of Hugh Hefner.


“Our goal was to create an outlet that would let you find a moment of peace. Something that could make you smile during each commute to work or every quiet evening. You’d be welcomed by fantastic women, who return all of your attention, affection and time in spades.”

About Pocket Waifu

Gamers will play a character that has made a risky bargain with a succubus in order to attract girls. Now that they have the ability to get girls to walk right into their house, players must take on the duty of being the ultimate caretaker. Playtime is just as important as the challenges. As their companion, gamers can play six different mini games with these gorgeous girls to keep them entertained. With various animated sex-scenes, players can bring the naughtiest side out of their customizable waifus!

About Nutaku

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