April 26th, 2018–MangaGamer Release a New Title From the Team of Princess Evangile, Magical Marriage Lunatics!

Coming from Moonstone and the team responsible for the moe hit, Princess Evangile, comes Magical Marriage Lunatics!
Life for Yuta Ushio was fairly normal. Well, aside from constantly being spirited away to other worlds as a kid. But that was a worry past––or so he thought until several women from different worlds sprung up alongside a new house that appeared in his backyard, each women claiming to be his fiance! With a proud vampire, a shy succubus, an open, honest tenko, a benevolent goddess, a tranquil witch princess, and his childhood friend all competing for Yuta’s hand in marriage.
With lots of daily life events, comedy, culture references, and vibrant characters, Magical Marriage Lunatics is real treat for fans of Princess Evangile and Shuffle! alike. This cute and sexy coming of age story is available exclusively on MangaGamer.com!
Yuta Ushio is just your typical guy who doesn’t stand out from a crowd.
He takes pleasure in his generally average student life with his childhood friend, Yuna Shirahase.
That is, until his life took a surprising turn. A house miraculously appeared in his backyard.
And one by one, his “otherworldly wives” appeared before him, all declaring a love they swore to him on that day… And so, they proclaimed the love they so nurtured, adamantly upholding this oath.
Yuna couldn’t just sit on her laurels as this spectacle unfolded. A battalion of rivals had entered the fray…
The fiancée battle royale spanning this world and beyond starts now!
Magical Marriage Lunatics
Developer: MOONSTONE
Genre: Adventure
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+


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