Written by Flamecaster, edited by Otaku Apologist

In KEXBOY’s latest visual novel, the biochemist Victor (the inventor of the serum) and three girls go to the isolated private residence high in the mountains. A series of drug experiments makes his attractive compatriots to fall further in love with Victor. Entrapped in uncontrollable lust, leading to many sexually explicit encounters.

About Synthetic Love

Victor and the girls work, rest, and make experiments on his private residence. The serum has an impressive effect – your sex satisfaction becomes incredible. But there’s one unpleasant side effect – partial memory loss. A person forgets everything since the moment he gets the injection till the moment he wakes up next morning. But this serum testing is only context of the main story.

The women help Victor test just how much pleasure his serum can provide. That is, as soon as he can figure out why the serum causes complete memory loss during the most pleasurable times. Help Victor overcome these losses in memory so that you too can experience each and every sensual encounter he has with his sexy female companions.

“Synthetic Love” features 3 different endings, more than 10 uncensored sex scenes, over 15 different locations to explore, 3 unique girls to romance and bang, a deep reaching choice and exploration system, visual novel style interactions and, of course, no DRM. The game runs without a hitch on PC, Linux and Mac operating systems.

“Synthetic Love” is now available for purchase on Nutaku’s storefront for $4.90 or 490 Nutaku Gold.

Developer KEXBOY has produced many visual novels in his time and has his own Patreon. Check it out here.