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Why The News Business is Inherently Corrupt

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

I’ve read some comments on the site and spoke to freelancers who all have the wrong idea what Hentaireviews is about. I am not running a news business. I am not a games journalist.

I am not doing news business, because the goal of “news” is to keep gangsters in power. In every society and industry on this planet, the ultra rich engage in secret backroom deals with companies, and governments, and organized crime. People who investigate these crimes are called investigative journalists.

Competent investigative journalists are like butterflies; they die off.

True journalists who are committed to pursue the truth are not the ones talking to you in maintream television broadcasts. True journalists who threaten the expansion of government power are gunned down at their homes, while the police and the mainstream news declare it a suicide.

The news business is nothing like what they teach you in journalism schools. Ethics don’t mean jack, it’s all about ratings. Stirring mass hysteria over non-existent issues is one of the age-old techniques of news companies to gain viewers. News companies also use marketing techniques such as market segmentation, which means researching their consumer demographics and tailoring their messaging to your biases.

The below 5-minute video explains why news companies cannot have integrity.

If Hentaireviews was a news site, we simply wouldn’t exist. Fact that you have a website to read is testament to the compromises I have made to keep earning money from our advertisers. I cherish the secrets of the companies in this industry, like those pictures of dead spouses on home altars in anime.

If Hentaireviews was doing real journalism, we would be investigating cases like the assassination of Seth Rich. If you recall, Seth Rich was a staffer at Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He was mysteriously killed in a burglary that was barely investigated. After Donald Trump won the election by a landslide (only Californian communists really voted for Hillary), mainstream news sites started alleging that Russia hacked the elections to install Trump as their puppet. After two years of investigating, there is still zero evidence of Russian collusion, because the real collusion is between the Clintons and the Russians. Seth Rich was another victim of the Clinton crime syndicate. He provided Wikileaks the Podesta emails, the publication of which were instrumental in exposing the corruption of the democratic party.

The news are lies, and propaganda. Hentaireviews therefore cannot be news.

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