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Never Marry These Women: Top 10 Red Flags

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

You’re never finding a girlfriend that doesn’t tick some boxes in your black list. But having an idea of the ideal woman, and the non-ideal woman, helps you at making better judgements of character. These are my top ten red flags to identify bad girls, based on personal experiences, and research. My sources are provided at the end.

1) No impulse control

Bad partners jump from feeling to action. If she goes from feeling angry to punching something in seconds, she’s the type to cheat on you after an argument. She could quit her job suddenly, because she got pissed with her manager. She’ll do stupid things with money when she gets depressed. In an argument, she’ll blame you for the overpowering rush of feelings that made her punch you.

2) A history of depression and mental illness

Death, divorce, joblessness, illness; calamities happen all the time to people around you. While we grow stronger by overcoming suffering, we accumulate residual damage that harms relationships. If you want a long-term partner, you have to play some mindsweeper with her emotional traumas. Poke, tease, and make your girl uncomfortable, so you can observe her emotional responses. If she’s going ballistic over little scratches, you’re stabbing at deep, throbbing mental scars.

3) Sex on your first date

You didn’t sprice her drink. You merely exchanged sweet words over tequila and beer. She sucked you in the bathroom and you fucked in her car. What a great night! Never make a hoe into a housewife. Sex on first date indicates many bad qualities, like total lack of impulse control. If you can both wait before marriage before you engage in sex, that means you have the enormous self-control needed to keep it in your pants through the ups and downs of life. It’s not just a red flag, sex on your first date is often just bad.

4) Doesn’t want children

If she comes from a good family, where she was loved and supported, she’ll want kids. Women who don’t want kids either suffered a traumatizing childhood, or they are obsessed with their career – marriage is not her first priority. Regardless of whether you want kids as the male, you should investigate your woman’s real motivations for not wanting kids.

5) Sexually active since her teens

The studies are brutal. A girl that started having sex in her teens is unmarriable. Never mind the socioeconomic circumstances influencing her, she’s had all her life to practice seduction, and blowjobs. She’s so good at the game, she can easily replace you once she grows bored with sucking your meaty lollipop. According to statistics, these women divorce their husbands – often.

6) Single-mother household

The daughters of single mothers become single mothers. The sons of single mothers become criminals. The most violent mass murderers in history have come from single mothers, and there’s a reason for that; a good husband is the economic backbone of the family. Masculine men ooze authority that makes boys fall in line, while girls fear the repercussions of fucking around. Without an alpha male in the house, the family unit is starved for resources. Years of living with a single-mother struggling with bills causes permanent psychological damage to children. Your odds of scoring a solid long-term partner from the daughter of a single-mother are slim to none.

7) Studying for a useless degree

If she’s studying for a career with low chances of financial success, she’s an idiot. Schools these days offer useless dumped-down classes on subjects like gender studies. They are a waste of money and time for everyone that takes those curriculums. If she’s studying dumb shit, it is indicative that she’s divorced from reality.

8) Makes emotional decisions with her money

A prerequisite for financial success is the ability to plan ahead, and execute plans. Creating monthly budgets, and sticking to them, is an advanced life skill. If she’s often buying things on impulse, wasting rent money on her private collection of high-heel shoes, she’ll be wasting your household’s collective income, she’ll be manipulating you to buy her gifts. Cut her off.

9) Unable to take criticism

If she’s pissed off hearing the truth from you, you’re never going to have honest two-way communication. Inability to take criticism indicates low self-esteem, traumatizing past relationships, parental abuse, and worse. Unstable self-esteem is connected to narcissism, violence, depression, and criminality. Her latent mental health problems will be triggered during stressful situations in the future.

10) Unhealthy addictions

Smart people replace daily smoking with daily jogging. Lazy people inject heroine in their veins, when they could be doing arts, music, or other productive highly pleasurable activities. Personally, I’m addicted to porn, games, anime, creative writing, all of which make me money. My addictions aren’t bad because I get the products for free from companies, and then make money from writing about them. People who struggle to feel pleasure need extreme activities and substances that trigger the production of dopamine in the brain. If your girlfriend needs a sixpack of beer to celebrate her birthday, she has problems, not because she’s medicating damaged emotions, but how she does it.














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OtakuApologist September 27, 2018 - 7:21 pm

Remember, this is just a checklist to help you assess the risks of entering relationships with people. I personally tick off at least 3-4 pointers, depending whether you consider “creative writing studies” useless.


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