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Male Sextoy Review: Tight Anal Break Onahole

by OtakuApologist

Written by John Cattle, edited by Otaku Apologist

Many men think a woman’s vagina is the best hole to stick your dick in, but they are blinded by their arrogance. The tight, muscled barrier to the bowels called the sphincter is more than just a floodgate for human waste. It is the perfect cock-milker and tongue squeezer for the man of refined tastes. This is why I prefer some of my many onaholes to replicate the feeling of an anus.

Tight Anal Break onahole is an affordable male sextoy produced by a Japanese company named the Toami Corporation. I bought this sextoy from the popular online shop Kanojotoys.com for $15.00.


Tight Break Onahole’s packaging contains the toy and a small sample lubricant, stuffed into a rectangular cardboard box roughly 6-7 inches long. The package feels comfortable in hand. It’s covered in pictures of the toy that showcase its internal structure. There’s Japanese writing on the box, which I personally can’t read. There’s a very cute blonde-haired anime girl offering butt, inviting your dick for some hot, sloppy loving. Opening up the package, you find the relatively small toy wrapped in a thin plastic wrap alongside the lubricant.


One of the most important features of a sextoy is the material its made of. After all, a hollowed out rock can be carved to replicate a woman’s body cavities, but it cannot simulate the sensation of soft flesh wrapping around your engorged member. The Tight Break toy isn’t made from stone but feels firmer than most of my toys. Compared to my favorite anal-themed Student Council President sextoy, it is firmer, but not as drastically tight around the entrance.

The toy is single material without layers. I expected this for the low price. The material is odorless, and it’s got a skin-colored hue. The low price is great, but the company clearly skimped somewhere. It’s not very durable. The first tear on Anal Break appeared on my fourth ride. She’s still usable with the damage, but I don’t expect her to last beyond ten rides considering what I’m seeing.


As a man who’s been lucky enough to have fucked a girl in the ass, I know what realistic sphincter-screwing feels like. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the sensations of “Tight Break”. She’s firm at the entrance and gets looser as you dig deeper. I was worried that the firmness of the material would be too rough to provide a pleasurable experience, but it feels great with plenty of lube.

During a fap, the insides press very tightly against your shaft. If you want to experience ultimate tightness, this toy gets pretty close to the ideal anal sex experience. Even with the tear, the sensation is still satisfying.


Nobody likes the fishy, disgusting odor of a badly cleaned cock-milker. When you clean your male juices from your onaholes, they stay in great shape a long time. But if you slack with cleaning, the smell will rub off onto your balls and make you smell like a bucket of fish bait. Tight Anal Break is fairly standard when it comes to cleaning. It’s a closed hole, which makes it slightly harder to dry after cleaning. However, much like my Student Council President, the tight entrance and looser insides suck up hot water and squirt it out like a child’s water-toy. No fishy odor, no rotting sperm in this girl’s ass. Take 5 minutes to rinse her out completely.


Tight Anal Break is great for a lazy afternoon of cock-milking session while watching your favorite anime porn. The sensations are quite intense, and definitely more pleasurable than just stroking yourself by hand. She’s a different experience from vaginal-type toys, and refreshing at that. She’s not the most durable toy, and will start tearing after a couple uses, making her a short term investment. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend this hole whole-heartedly. I can vouch for the service at Kanojotoys.com.

Get your own Tight Anal Break for only $15.00. More sextoys we’ve reviewed at Hentai-onahole.moe.

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