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Nintendo Hentai Comic: Two Princesses One Yoshi – Full Version

by OtakuApologist

Hentaireviews presents to you our first ever Nintendo porn comic project! Princesses Rosalina and Peach stage a lesbian sex show for Yoshi, to get his big dinosaur dick erect. These princesses are out of control!

After years of staging false-flag Bowser kidnappings with Rosalina’s assistance, Princess Peach was finally given expansive executive powers to fight koopa terrorism. With her new legislative powers, Princess Peach fast-tracked dozens of laws that liberated all types of sexual conduct. After dismantling the oppressive patriarchal obscenity laws and censoring their ideological opponents, the conservative Mushroom kingdom can finally stop being the shining beacon of civilization it’s been for 40 years, and finally bloom into a liberal progressive utopia of tolerance.

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