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Eroge Geopolitics: Consensual Sex in Fronce

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

The diplomatic mission to Fronce was a gamble that paid off. The queen of Fronce turned out to be a cock-hungry slut. Like every woman that’s not a brainwashed bitch feminist, her true base nature was that of an emotionally needy, materialistic piece of meat with a bloated ego. Her weakness to gifts and sweet talk was apparent, when Lute Hende presented her several amazing brassieres made by Edelland’s master craftsmen.

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The moment I saw queen Aphrodia’s body midway to the game, it was love at first sight. My penis was eagerly anticipating the moment of copulation with this fine-ass queen. It was eventually revealed that she’s a half-breed demon. She has human and daemon blood flowing through her veins, from god knows what insane incestous relations with the prime evil. For reasons unknown, daemon DNA makes your breasts grow into huge milk melons. As if the plot wasn’t tight enough, the twist was that the queen was also a natural-born tittyfucker!

Aphrodia’s boobs are so motherfucking massive, she doesn’t even need to put her hands on her titties to create the necessary pressure to squeeze the cock milk out of her victims.

The build-up to the final fuck with the slut queen was long and arduous. After Lute Hende proved his masculinity beyond the shadow of a doubt, Aphrodia turned into butter in his hands. After a hunting incident that almost caused her death, the moment she got alone-time with Lute, she jumped on his dick like a bitch in heat. She was so horny from his display of heroism, she munched on his dick and licked the cum crusting from her white-painted lips like a cheap whore that finished her paid hour. She was eager to get her holes pumped full of cum.

This bitch was so hungry for masculinity, so hungry for dick and cum, she threw away every last shred of her dignity for a dirty romp between the sheets of her royal bedroom. Behind her prissy exterior, the queen was a bitch.

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The cumshots she took on her face were so many, the consecutive ejaculations created a pool of cock juice between her tit crack. Her bosom was like a cup of cum, with white bubbly baby goo pooling between her over-sized mammary glans. She sucked the dirty tip like a lollipop, clingy droplets of semen drooling down her chin after the last explosive cumshot.

The scene was capped off with raw vaginal sex. Queen Aphrodia never undressed her gown, her royal genitals were barely visible while she ground her hips against the dick she’d been milking only a moment ago. She moaned and gasped in pleasure, finally getting her pussy by the most experienced dick on the Eurodian continent.

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