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Shinobu-kun The Only Girl at an All Boys School, a gender bender game developed by circle 7cm. Released October 14, 2015. Download on DLsite.com for $4.00. Available for PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English fan translation patch.

Accidentally transformed into a girl, Shinobu must travel all across the school looking for the five magical books that will turn her back into a boy. As the only girl in an all-boys school, there are tons of men who want to fuck her.

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Schoolboy Shinobu accidentally turns himself into a girl with magic! Now the only girl at a school full of boys, Shinobu has to fight through hordes of horny guys wanting to have sex with her, while desperately searching for five magical books that would let her restore her body back to normal!

Although she starts out alone, soon Shinobu will find many friends and partners to help her on her journey. She meets a lesser god named “Kogami” who wants to take the books away. Yuta, Shinobu’s best friend also joins the adventuring party.

The story is a short one, and can be completed in only an hour or two. Travel to different locations on the world map to find the five books, then use them all to restore your original body! There are three endings to the story.

You can turn back into a boy, and return to your normal life. You can stay a woman and fall in love with a man. The third option is to create a clone of yourself! One is a boy, the other is a girl, and they fuck each other senseless all night long!


Shinobu-kun was created with RPG Maker. Press spacebar to interact with objects and people. SHIFT is run.

The game cycle is your classic RPG adventure. Defeat enemies to level up, and go to bed to restore your health. Leveling up will unlock new skills that make your battles faster, or even decrease the amount of battles you face.

Because the game takes place in a school setting, there is less of an emphasis on resource management than other titles. Money is still a mechanic in the game, but is far less important than player action. Explore the school and you’ll find items and equipment. If you’re smart about it, you can beat the game without spending a single yen!

On its surface the game seems very typical. Enter five locations to find the five books and complete the game. What sets this title apart is the very quirky presentation style mixed in with fun and satisfying attacks.

The game is designed in such a way, that you level up frequently and will always have new attacks to try out.

Because you level up so frequently, you’ll be close to level 99 by the time you complete the game. Especially because your characters automatically gain levels from certain orbs on the map. The system is extremely addicting and keeps the player interested in playing just a little longer to see what happens next!

Although the game is only 2-3 hours in total, it’s a fun ride to the finish line.


The art is traditional Japanese anime style. Nearly all images in the game focus on Shinobu in lewd situations.

Standard RPG Maker assets are used throughout the game, but many are used in unique ways that keep the player interested. Each scene has multiple variations of the art. The variation is mostly minor, like blush on the cheeks, or the direction of the eyes. Each image has at least five variations.

The minor animations used in battles bring the game to life. From a super kick that wipes out a group of foes, to a sucker punch that does a thousand damage to opponents – the abilities in game match the graphics and personalities of the characters. You really feel the punches you throw.

The characters look like their RPG classes. Kogami looks like the healer, which she is. Yuta comes across as a solemn and scowling young man, who is very deliberate with his moves, making him the obvious front line attacker. Shinobu is a hard hitter and light on her feet.

There are tons of locations available. From the rocky caves to the vibrant grassland, the world is a beautiful place to explore. You also really feel like in an all-boy’s school filled with beds and bathrooms, and school utilities.


Shinobu-kun has no voice acting.

The sound effects are very typical for your standard RPG Maker title. The punches prompt a “thud” sound, while healing spells are accompanied by a whimsical “whoosh”. You know just from the sound whether you’re using a group attack, single attack, or a support ability. As for sex, the sounds are serviceable. They work for the scenes at play.


The soundtrack has 40 songs in total. Some tracks are licensed and purchased by the developer, but others are RPG Maker stocks, or taken from the circle’s previously developed games. For newcomers, the audio will sound unique and exciting, but if you’ve played these guys’ previous games, you’ll recognize plenty of songs immediately.

The quality of the music is impressive. There’s plenty of rock songs with heavy use of drums and guitar, but the use of bass and synth beats come together to create a truly unique “rock-electro-pop” experience. The soundtrack is so good, the best songs are worth listening to outside of the game. A few select songs would fit perfectly in a battle anime TV show.


Shinobu-kun has 15 sex scenes in total, each with its own unique CG image and variations. Coupled with some nicely written erotic dialogue, the hentai is definitely worth whipping out your dick for.

In one scene you’re wearing a maid outfit while performing a tittyfuck to a total stranger! In another scene, you’re wearing your school swimsuit, and get taken from behind by one of your classmates!

The sex positions range from doggystle and missionary, to cowgirl and even standing sex. There are no animations for the hentai, but the CG variations ensure you have visuals cues to know that things are heating up.

There is no virgin route in this game; at a certain point it will unavoidable for you to service another man. The game does not keep track of sexual stats like who you last slept with. There are no impregnation mechanics.

Shinobu may talk about her womb being filled up, but there’s no secret pregnant ending. And Shinobu may talk about being inexperienced, but nothing changes if you have sex hundreds of times! And although you can get raped if you lose the battle, Shinobu isn’t traumatized! Overall, the game has great hentai, even if very vanilla compared to other titles I’ve reviewed.


Shinobu-kun is your classic hentai RPG experience with a gender swap fetish tossed in. The story is straightforward, while the music and gameplay are magnificent for a small indie hentai game. The porn is fine, if somewhat predictable. The main kink is to roleplay a gender-swapped boy-turned-female character.

I recommend this game to male anime fappers who wish they had vaginas. Download Shinobu-kun. If you’re thirsty for more body-swapping hentai games, check out our review of Doki Doki TranSEXperience.

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