Written by Otaku Apologist

December was a good month. Our search engine traffic is now between 2000 and 2400 daily hits, while website traffic has climbed to over 6500 daily page views without promotion. With promotion, we easily reach up to 10000 daily page views. This traffic increase has finally begun to seep into ad conversions.

January first blood! 153 dollars from sales on the first day of 2019.

Website Traffic

Since summer 2018, I’ve spent close to $2000 into search engine optimization (SEO) to increase our website traffic. Several highly successful adult content bloggers told me that SEO is a waste of money. I considered their criticisms and reduced my monthly buy-in until the numbers proved who was full of shit.

I tried multiple cheap SEO services on Fiverr.com last summer, but the results were chaotic. Some services were outright hustles, and our traffic went up and down like a girl riding dick. There’s also the threat of Google penalties. I focused my resources into one veteran company that’s using pure low-risk white hat techniques. White hat SEO costs more money, but the results are more predictable and more permanent. The company is called ShiLabs and their website is AdultSEOBusiness.com. With their assistance, we’ve grown from the pathetic 1000+ daily views which we started from at the beginning of 2018 to many times that.

Otakusexart Art Projects

Our art projects are starting to attract attention. Our comics are getting shares around the web, and people are actively visiting my art site to check out the content. Website traffic for Otakusexart.com has been increasing steadily. I’m hoping that once we finish our most recent comic projects, the site will stabilize at over 4000 daily page views. At that point I know for certain the site can grow with content alone.

Otakusexart traffic currently stands between 2000 and 3000 daily views.

Revenue snapshot

December was a more turbulent month than expected. We still made around $1900 total all revenue sources combined. Nutaku continues to be our main money source, though I’ve been too lazy to check out the sales on my DLsite account. The smaller advertisers continue to pay out about $100 a month each.

With the website traffic growing, I’m expecting small hentai game companies to show more interest in co-operation. I’m still selling permanent ad space for $5.00 per banner. Email me and we’ll talk.

This view is from my main campaign. We have similar numbers from Sinnercomics visitors.


Two writers worked exceptionally hard to create content in December. Rastafoo69 continues to beastmode reviews at a pace I can hardly keep up with. Miss Valentine has also been picking up the pace. Jin0uga delivers a few reviews a month, but always such high quality I can put out the piece on the same day.

Flamecaster continues to be a faggot and won’t answer me on Skype. While his exemplary work was critical in raising the quality of our website, he proved himself too brainwashed into his “ethical” anti-capitalist virtue signaling bullshit ideology. My door remains open to you once you’re done being a sad faggot.

Improvements to Writer Payouts

The hiccups in payouts that writers have experienced occasionally are over. I saved up over $1000 last December, and I’m saving up even more until we have $2000 banked at minimum. The week-long transfer delays between payment services won’t be slowing down our content output any longer.

We have additional investment coming soon. I finally sorted out my cryptocurrency hustles from 2017, and the companies I invested in are starting to pay out. I encourage all the regular writers to start Bitcoin wallets.

Thank you everyone. Let’s make 2019 a good year for hentai.