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Project Veritas Exposé: Teacher Admits to Giving Sex Toys to Students

by OtakuApologist

When I read this article and watched the video, ‘disheartened’ is an understatement to describe my feelings. Any progress that the LGBT community may have made in the past century, to becoming more visible and respected in western societies, is wiped out by revelations like these. The hostility of the majority population towards LGBT people will be amplified by this. Were I ideologically inclined, I might not share this. But I have an adherence to the truth.

This has to stop. Sexuality is too complex to be explored by 14 year olds. Humans develop into sexual maturity a decade before we’re actually ready to engage in sexual relations. Much damage is done by doing this exploration before maturity is reached. I know this, because I am in direct contact with hard consumers of porn on a daily basis, who tell me personal stories. I read and study this in relation to my work, and right now, I see red lines being crossed.

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I edited the below article slightly. You can read the original at Zerohedge.com:


Project Veritas released another discomforting hidden camera interview on the 7th of December 2022. LGBT propaganda is being spread in schools by teachers we used to trust. Blatant sexualization of minors is taking place in Chicago. The students were given dildos and butt plugs to share around during class.

Youtube may have taken the video down by the time you read this. Find the original video on ProjectVeritas.com.

Joseph Bruno, Dean of Students at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, is caught on camera bragging about inviting representatives from a local LGBT Health Center to the school to talk to students ages 14-18 during pride month. 

He admits that the students were given sex toys to “play with” while teaching the kids about “queer sex”.  Bruno appears excessively excited while talking about the event, and suggests that it’s a “cool part of his job” ostensibly because he doesn’t have to worry about oversight.

The school also engages in drag queen story hour events for very young children. 

While the Parker School is a private school, the Dean hints that parents are not specifically notified of these LGBT sex education events and neither are the trustees.

While drag queen events have been caught on numerous occasions crossing the line of what is legal in terms of child exposure and sexualization, the classes described by Bruno enter a whole other realm of grooming. 

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