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[COMIC] Nier Autofellatio 2: Cumslut Automata – Full Version

by OtakuApologist

Unit 2B was originally designed as a weapon to fight mankind’s war to reclaim Earth from alien invaders. When the war dragged on, the surviving remnants of humanity got bored.

A new programming initiative was planned out by a rogue group of engineers. A spare body of 2B was smuggled into a secret room  behind the backs of Moon Base Bunker’s leadership.

The android was uploaded with a modified copy of the personality of the original 2B. Redesigned into a pleasure bot, 2B sucked many dicks and ate gallons of cum. The plan was discovered when a corrupt military official was accidentally found with his dick in hand while watching video footage of 2B fucking.

The blowjob whore 2B was uncovered. Her memory was wiped out. The military officials who had discovered the plot reported her as destroyed in the official paperwork.

But that was not the end. 2B was destroyed only on paper. In reality the military brass stole her to be used in their own sex parties. This is the story of the last sex android.

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