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Breaking News: Cunt Wars Has Stopped Lagging

by OtakuApologist

It’s a cold day in hell. The flagship browser game title from Hooligapps has stopped lagging in Google Chrome, and Firefox. Ever since its launch, Cunt Wars has been perhaps the least terrible hentai game available in our niche industry. It’s the closest thing to the western hentai RPG experience that countless one-handed gamers have wished since the dawn of time.

The latest patches this April seem to have finally fixed many of the issues plaguing this game. The random unity errors are gone, Ice Clod is no longer able to freeze enemies for two turns, the game no longer crashes randomly. Meanwhile, players on Firefox can expect the usual exciting error screens they’ve come to love. But worry not, most of these errors you can bypass by simply clicking “OK”.

The times are truly historic. Through the many botched patches that butchered the game’s visuals, to the bugged cards that did absolutely random fucking things, the epic saga of Cunt Wars has been one of ageless drama.

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