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A Loving Wife Who Obscenely Serves Another Man, a cuckolding hentai visual novel developed by Atelier Sakura. Released September 20, 2019. Download on DLsite for $26.00. For PC windows. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals. Download English translation patch.

You were jerking off to cuckold porn when suddenly, your wife walked in on you! She doesn’t say anything and drops the subject, until a few days later. You were minding your own business when she suddenly asked, “Do you want me to have sex with other men?”

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You’re hiding internet bookmarks to cuckold porn, but when your wife walks in on you, she discovers everything! She wants to make you happy, so she agrees to have sex, but only if its with someone you know!

There are three basic choices throughout the story. First, do you want your wife to cheat? Second, will you set up a camera in your bedroom? Third, will you allow her to kiss the other man? Only the final choice affects the ending.

Although the game has fewer choices than other visual novel games, the choices have a lot of impact. For example, if you agree on a no-kissing rule, she’ll let the new man ditch condoms and creampie her pussy! During your whole relationship you had safe sex only, and now she’s had her first creampie by another man! If you love those feelings of humiliation, you’re in for a ride!

The writer cut down on a lot of the fluff you might expect from NTR games. There are no scenes where you sit at home alone waiting for her return. There is no super muscular chad fucking your wife. Everything is written to be believable and realistic.

Once you complete the game, you can replay the story through the wife’s perspective. Sadly, there is nothing new to be seen. Your wife told you they used condoms, and they did. There are no plot twist endings.


A Loving Wife is a visual novel. Click the screen to ‘turn the page’. Press CTRL to skip dialogue. Scroll up to review past dialogue. Bookmark your progress by saving it on several available save slots. The game has three basic choices. Most of the story is very linear.

The game takes under four hours to complete for the average reader.


The art is based on the Japanese anime style. The game is heavy on pastel colors; pinks, blues, and yellow tans, which keep the visuals soft and relaxed. Massive knockers, a perfect ass, and a curvy hourglass figure make your wife one fucking sexy anime girl!

The game is almost entirely stock assets recycled from previous Atelier Sakura games. From the love hotel to the player home, there are few if any unique assets. While the character stills are unique, you only ever see two characters.

Your wife’s personality is a little monotone; she barely changes her facial expression. Even when she’s doubtful or bothered, she always smiles and puts on a happy demeanor. Most of her thoughts are shown through her eyes. If they’re wide open, she’s happily giving you full attention! Otherwise she’s usually glancing your way and smirking like when she blows your friend. These moments always made me smile, but I wish she had more pose art to convey her feelings.

The sex scenes in this game were great, but sometimes clash with the writing. For example, there are no image variations for the dick being deeper into the woman. Your wife says its going deeper, but the artwork looks like the tip is barely in! It seems like the developer cut corners, and it was noticeable compared to their better titles.


Your wife, Risa Sakurai, has full voice acting for all her lines. The actress has a standard high-pitched female voice. I don’t blame the actress, the dialogue didn’t give her much to work with. Even during sex, the dialogue is very bare bones. She spouts cliché lines like “so deep” and “so good”. While the voice acting was very erotic, it was not unique at all.

Sound effects are largely limited to sex scenes and recycled from previous titles. From the moist squish of insertion to the slam of a door, the sound effects do a great job of establishing the world around you. However, it never goes above and beyond. Other games emphasize bed creaks and blankets being crumpled, but this game kept it simple. I expected better from a veteran developer.


The soundtrack includes a handful of songs, reused from Atelier Sakura’s previous games. Digitally synthesized instruments make for a good background track while you focus on the voice acting, but during moments where you wife isn’t around, the tracks feel bland. A couple new tracks would make this game much more memorable.


A Loving Wife features 12 sex scenes. Five are NTR, five feature your wife telling you about it, and two are simply married sex. Some scenes have multiple unique CGs for different sex positions.

An annoying aspect of the game is the anime opening early on. The animation shows all of the CGs in game, spoiling many of the scenes. I highly recommend skipping the anime opening the moment it appears.

The sex scenes in this game are incredibly hot! Your wife has a gorgeous ass and it is always on display! There’s a POV doggystyle scene, a cowgirl scene, a groping scene, and a reverse cowgirl scene! There are also tittyfucks and plenty of groping.

My favorite scene was the fifth time your wife cheats on you. She skips the condom without telling you, and depending on your choices in-game, she’ll either reassure you she’s on birth control, or say nothing at all! I love pregnancy risk. This scene was absolutely wonderful.

The focus of the game is on your wife fucking your best friend who suffers from premature ejaculation. For some fappers, this will feel fresh and awesome, as NTR games tend to feature the buff alpha male types. For others, this is stupid, because the guy sucks at sex.


A Loving Wife is a great netorare game for wannabe cuckolds. The visuals are nice, the choices have impact, and the voice acting was enjoyable. Sadly, the use of recycled assets and a very basic plotline make this game very, very predictable. It’s hot, but predictable.

I recommend this game for fans of cuckolding porn games. Download A Loving Wife Who Obscenely Serves Another Man. If you love games like this, and want something spicier, check out our review of Marina’s Cuckolding Report.

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