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Comedy Visual Novel Review: Main Character Simulator

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Main Character Simulator, a visual novel developed by NewWestGames. Released on November 23, 2018. Download on Nutaku.net for $5.00. For PC Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Partial English voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Your close friend Izumi has found a strange crystal pendant with mysterious properties! Take it to your mutual friend, Kiyoko, to learn more about it. But be careful! Strange alien creatures are very interested in that mysterious item!

Nutaku lists the game as Windows only, but the download folder confirms that this title is available on Mac and Linux. The download folder includes files for all operating systems. Mac users click the .app file. Windows users click the .exe file.

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Your close friend Izumi has discovered a strange crystal. Now, aliens are looking to steal the crystal for reasons unknown!

You challenge the aliens to a basketball game. After you win, they kidnap you, because they want the crystal. On the alien ship, you’re given two opportunities to make choices that lead to different endings.

The three girls follow the standard tropes that anime fappers love. Izumi is a thick cutie, who’s a little stupid. Kiyoka is the mature intellectual who’s a bit chubby but has a heart of gold. Erodani is the muscular tough girl who knows what she wants.

The writing is absurd, nerdy, and full of memes. My number one favorite line was when they played basketball and someone said “I have to put my balls inside that hole!” The jokes are corny but funny.


Main Character Simulator is a visual novel created in the Renpy game engine. You click the screen to advance the story. The game presents you with choices near the end of the story, which decide the waifu you’ll fuck. Save your progress into multiple save slots.

The game is less than two hours long, and all decisions are made toward the end of the story. If you try to get two waifus instead of one, you’ll get a game-over screen and the credits will roll. Pick only one!

The narrator of the game tells the player “Save Scumming is love, Save Scumming is life”. In common English that means that save the game before making choices if you want to complete the gallery and see all available scenes.


The art is a bastardized version of Japanese anime style. Body proportions are more realistic than in your average hentai.

Erodani is best girl. Her blue skin and amber eyes compliment her dominating and alien nature. Add in a sixpack and some perfect B-cup breasts, and you have a totally unique waifu to seduce.

Background art is well made, and full of detail. The story takes place in a school setting, so you’ll be visiting a classroom, an auditorium, have conversations in a hallway, bedroom, and a spaceship. All the rooms look good.

The visual presentation has inconsistencies. Characters will reference wrist-mounted computers the aliens are using, but the CGs show that there is nothing on their wrists! There are several moments like this that take you out of the moment.


All characters in game speak at least a few lines. The female leads speak the most. The male main character gets a voice actor too!

The voices are serviceable but not incredible. It’s glaringly obvious that each person did their voices in a different location with varying equipment. None of it sounds uniform enough to be called a cohesive presentation.

Pronunciation is completely incorrect, many times. You’ll hear words like “programling”. It’s a mistake on the part of the actors that should have been caught before putting the game in stores.

Many times, its very obvious that the voice actors did not have a good director behind them. At one point, a scene has lots of tension leading up to a girl yelling “YOU JACKASS!”. The delivery of the lines was soft and quiet, and it ruined the scene.

The sex scenes feature dirty talk and pleasurable moaning. It’s so hot and realistic, you may just cum in your pants. You better have balls of steel, because even a hentai veteran like myself could not resist the super cute and feminine voice actress begging for my cum!


The soundtrack includes only a handful of tracks, but each is unique and fits perfectly with the story and dialogue.

According to the developer, this brand new OST was inspired by electronic dance music in the genres of “Future bass” and “Lo-Fi Hip Hop”. Pair these EDM beats with occasional vocalization from a female artist (not lyrics), and you’re left with some fantastic music of professional studio quality. I was very impressed.

The downside is that EDM is not for everyone. It’s digitally created music with few actual instruments.


Main Character Simulator features 4 sex scenes. Each scene has multiple unique CGs with numerous variations.

Side bitches get one sex scene, while Izumi gets two scenes. The writing is romantic and builds the relationships before the sex.

The sex scene goes by a formula that begins with the guy receiving a blowjob from the girl. After he cums on her face, he finally gets his chance to sink his dick into her tight little pussy! Positions include doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl. Erotic dialogue includes voice acting. All sex scenes occur at the end of the game.

Each girl is drawn tastefully with loving care. Even though the focus of the game was clearly comedy, the sexy content is done skillfully for masturbation purposes.

The scene I liked best was the sexytime with the chubby nerd Kiyoko. You can choose to pull out, or leave a sloppy creampie in her pussy. Even though you’re going to choose “cum inside” 90% of the time, it’s very important to have that choice.


Main Character Simulator is a fantastic hentai experience for one-handed players who enjoy comedy and anime ladies. The story is easy to follow, the visuals are cute, and the music is a joy to listen to. If you’re looking for a relaxing fap game, this one will hit your spot.

I highly recommend this game to fun-loving one-handed gamers. Download Main Character Simulator.

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