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3D Schoolgirl Visual Novel: Speed Dating Sakaki – Free Download

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

Studio Danza is proud to release our first public build of our game, Speed Dating Sakaki. It’s the tragicomic story of two perpetually horny schoolgirls enjoying the life-destroying downward spiral of a sexually liberated lifestyle.

Sakaki is a textbook good girl from a conservative Asian family. She’s been sexually repressed her entire life. Then, she made friends with Aika, the alpha bitch of the school who fucks the boys she likes and dumps the boys she doesn’t. Sakaki has watched for years how her friend keeps getting laid left, right, and center, and has decided to finally abandon his marriage-oriented upbringing to get dick.

The story begins with a man named Dave browsing the comics at Otakusexart.com, when suddenly, he notices a personal ad from a pure virgin girl that will change his life forever…

This project was funded by our fans who have bought products from our webstore, hentai-onahole.moe.

Click the download links below!

https://mega.nz/#!FUgCESbD!GnXEGuBYwqBHuqtUIBKndApv2rw3XWaCEPfCVO5_heU – PC version

https://mega.nz/#!1Qgk2Qxb!dythoGR55u5aqcrrfHrsNQqSL4YdAsbBZb8GXz4Vjus – Mac version

This is our first public build of the game. The next build is slated to feature music, more story, and more sexual shenanigans. You can support the development at our webstore, and at the Studio Danza Patreon campaign.

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