Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Akabur’s Witch Trainer was such a hit, it’s gotten an enormous following, and fan mods. As a Renpy title, it’s been easy for the fans to add content and expand the base game with DLC projects. In this article, we’ll be showcasing three of the best Witch Trainer mods, and what they have to offer to one-handed gamers.

As these are just game mods, from music to gameplay, the core of the game remains the same. The only changes these mods generally introduce are new girls and new ways to make money.

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The six photos above are from the SadCrab Mod of Witch Trainer. The two main additions of this mod are a newspaper system and the character of Daphne Greengrass. Daphne is a racial supremacist who thinks pure-blood wizards are better than all the rest. Untouched by man, she’ll be a tough girl to corrupt!

The newspaper system in this game has a ton of awesome features! Photoshoots, business stats, and Hermione missions are among the best. Sending Hermione out to get groped and write stories about it was a really unique experience. Problem is, it’s not finished!

Both the Newspaper business and the Daphne plotline are completely unfinished. You never even get to fuck her! While the dialogue and build-up were great, a single handjob is a huge disappointment. Only try this mod if you have time to kill.


The eight photos above are from the Feodosiy Mod of Witch Trainer. This mod is a simplified, completed, and far more enjoyable version of the SadCrab mod.

The Newspaper system remains, but the grind has been reduced dramatically. Daphne GreenGrass remains, but instead of obsessing about racial supremacy, she is focused on her family honor. And instead of a lame ending where Daphne loves handjobs, the Feodosiy mod ends with a huge creampie gangbang with Daphne as the center!

Character additions include Harry Potter, Cho Chang, Daphne Greengrass, Dumbledore’s Phoenix, and a cameo from Professor Mcgonagall! This mod strikes the perfect balance by adding content to the base game without going too far. Instead of changing Witch Trainer completely, it complements the world with brand new characters and plotlines.

This mod does have some downsides though. You can only order 1 gift at a time, with no express shipping. And you lose Daphne once her plotline is completed. On the brightside, you don’t have to grind books for Hermione’s Autumn gown, which made the game a whole lot better! This is simply, a fantastic all around game-mod.


The six photos above are from the Silver Mod of Witch Trainer. This mod is the biggest and most complex mod of them all. It is still under development, so we’ve hesitated to write about it, here’s why.

Character redesigns have happened multiple times, outdating any photos we gather. Constant patches ensure your save game is constantly in danger of being lost. New features are added often, taking time to develop through numerous patches. And without enough fullscreen CGs to justify it, the game becomes dialogue-heavy above all else.

There’s upwards of 20 hours of content if you have the time to spare. But without a strong overall plot, it will be difficult to invest so much time. If you love tons of outfits and a constantly expanding game, this mod is certainly the one for you.

Akabur’s Witch Trainer has sparked the creation of numerous mods that add to the game immensely. The SadCrab mod has great dialogue, but it is incomplete at the time of writing. The Silver mod has tons of content, but it’s bulky and constantly changing. The Feodosiy mod strikes the perfect middle ground and is a true classic among hentai gamers everywhere.