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Miss Kyoko Wants to Get Done, a prostitution porn game developed by Hurricane Dot Com. Released May 9, 2020. Download on DLSite.com for $12.00. For PC Windows. Full voice acting. Available in English and Japanese.

Kyoko needs a lot of money to stay sexy! She needs makeup, tanning salons, and so much more! For quick cash, she’s decided to become a prostitute for all the boys at school!

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Kyoko Adachi is a sex-hungry gyaru looking for fast money! Build a reputation, satisfy your desires, and fuck every guy you meet!

While there is barely any story, the game is surprisingly well written. The player chooses who they will have sex with, and you can easily find all the animations while avoiding scenarios you’re not interested in.

You fuck a boy who is eager to lose his virginity. Another guy was dumped by his girlfriend, another needs a break from studying! There’s even one boy who threatens to tell the teachers what you’re doing unless you have sex with him. There’s a lot of scenarios!

While Kyoko seems like a generic slut, her conversations with strangers actually show that she has a heart of gold. She refuses to date a boy who confesses to her, knowing she can’t be faithful to one man. And when she finds a guy who was recently cheated on, she says the adulteress is horrible and resolves to help the man regain his confidence. While sex is the focus of every encounter, it was interesting to see Kyoko have a strong personality. She is what they call an ethical slut!

I love how your reputation grows over time. New customers appear over time, talking about the rumors they heard. In the downtown area, many men are willing to ignore brothels, because you’re the only girl that lets them go bareback! Altogether the writing made the world feel alive, actively shaped by your actions. I loved it!


Miss Kyoko Wants to Get Done was created with the Unity game engine. The mouse is the only way to control your character. There are no keyboard commands. There are three main mechanics, namely sexual encounters, outfit cards, and character stats.

Click a boy to speak with him and initiate a sexual encounter. During sex, a bar on the right side of the screen will indicate how close you are to an orgasm. Left click to stay in one sex position, or right click to exit the sex scene. You will lose money if you orgasm without satisfying the man, so leave scenes when you get too close.

Each sexual encounter earns you money. Purchase sexy outfits for your character! These outfits only appear in the stats menu and have no effect on gameplay. This was extremely disappointing, and money has no purpose in the game beyond these outfits.

There are two character stats to raise. Debauchery tracks how horny Kyoko is feeling. She needs to receive a creampie, or she’ll end up masturbating to get off. There are no consequences for either sex act, it’s just fun to have a choice. For example, I never let men finish inside because I love it when they watch me masturbate!

The second character stat is “rumors”. This measures your popularity and the number of clients you can please at once. By the end of the game, you’ll be gangbanged by three guys at once! When your popularity at school reaches 100, you can explore new areas.


The game is fully animated. The pixel art is laced with tons of detail and variations. While it’s very similar to the anime art style, the fluid movements of this game have an element of realism that sets it apart from other titles.

These still images cannot do justice to this game! From the walking animation to the x-ray view of a creampie flooding her pussy, Kyoko moves around like a real lady of the night. There’s a lot of personality in her every movement, like when she gives men a peek at her breasts! She has this coy and lustful demeanor that I absolutely adore!

Facial expressions change depending on how much Kyoko is enjoying the sex act. She smirks with satisfaction while fucking, and blushes hard as she gets closer to an orgasm. I love the face-sitting scenes where the whole focus is on her reactions, she’s so beautiful!

There are 159 animations in total, but that number is largely due to varying expressions. If we count sex positions alone, it’s more like 30 unique animations. A creampie and pull out can be classified as extra animations, but I prefer to view them as part of the larger scene.

Despite hundreds of animations, the optional outfits are not animated. From the policewoman uniform to the simple beach bikini, these only appear in the stats menu and not during animations. Wish they did!


Miss Kyoko Wants to Get Done features full voice acting during dialogue and sex scenes. The voice actress perfectly conveys the cocky yet coy personality of Kyoko who is very self-aware that she’s a sexy babe any man would fuck. In sex scenes, her moaning and gagging on cock is totally erotic! And because sex scenes change so often, things never get repetitive! Watching these scenes makes it easy to imagine you’re the one fucking Kyoko and making her squeal like the horny schoolgirl slut she is!

The sound effects match the voice acting perfectly. Fingering, licking, and face-sitting each have their own unique sound effect! This level of detail made the game feel alive, like my actions had a genuine impact on the characters. Best of all, the creampie sound effect perfectly balances the cum sound without feeling watery. Just hearing the sound made me feel how how thick the load was!


There are under ten tracks in total. Most tracks are stock assets used in other titles for transitional purposes, while this game uses them in their entirety. For example, there’s an electric piano and xylophone fusion track that sounds a lot like elevator music. Most other games use that track when you enter buildings, but this game plays it wherever you go in the downtown area. This will make the tracks feel a lot more atmospheric, though still recognizable.

Music almost never changes in this game. During sex scenes, the music fades to half volume to focus on the voice acting. While the bass guitar theme on the main menu was unique and enjoyable, most other tracks are forgettable.


Miss Kyoko wants to get done has around 30 unique positions, with over 150 animations. These animations include facial expressions, creampies, sweat marks, and many more variations that bring these scenes to life.

The best feature the game offers is the sex stats menu. There, you can track how much money you’ve made from prostitution and how often you performed certain sex acts. I never let men cum inside, and always focused on my own orgasm first. Face sitting was my favorite activity, and I love that the stats reflect I’m a selfish lover.

Condoms are never used the game, in spite of them appearing on the stat screen. I love creampies but I still wish condoms appeared in-game. Maybe I’d make some men use them, while blessing others with bareback sex. Still, the game allows you to give footjobs and other femdom activities, so I’m happy.

Sex positions range from missionary to cowgirl and even doggystyle. All scenes are fully animated with erotic scenarios setting things up beforehand. From a confession of love to a fetish for tanned whores, the men always have something new to say about you!


Miss Kyoko Wants to Get Done is one of the best prostitution porn games on the market today! The voice acting is incredibly hot and the music fits the relaxed tone perfectly! Fully animated sex scenes and super sexy dialogue make this an absolute joy to play!

I highly recommend this game to everyone. Download Miss Kyoko Wants to Get Done.

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