Written by Mistress Valentine, edited by Otaku Apologist

“Samus’ Training Days 1”, a 3D porn cartoon by 26RegionSFM. Runtime 7 minutes. Limited voice acting. Uncensored genitals.


Samus asks his monster friend to play with her body. He shoves his fat pecker in-between her fat tits. She rubs his dick up and down her cleavage until he’s all warmed up. The monster sprawls her on the table and drives his big fat cock deep inside her snatch. Samus moans as her insides are rearranged to the shape of her friend’s giant member.

We get a nice POV shot of her getting fucked before switching positions. Samus’ ass is still dry and tight. The monster stretches it out by ploughing her from the side. He grows bigger with every camera angle as Samus’ cunt is stretched to the very max.

The scientists studying the sex mission do nothing to help Samus, and simply watch as this alien fucker blasts a thick load deep inside her asshole. The sex overall makes no impact on the viewer. It’s just a monster fucking a sexy franchise girl. The sex is visceral but it still feels repetitive and boring compared to other 3D porn animations I’ve watched.


The biggest issue I have with Samus’ Training Day 1 is the grainy, faded animation. It isn’t very HQ and this hurts other parts of the production because it’s so noticeable. The episode looks like a PS2 cutscene. Despite being a monster, the alien is given a personality through a combination of different styled grunts and limited facial expression changes that demonstrate extra attention to detail.

The camera shifts between first-person and third-person which results in a disjointed feeling when you’re watching the episode for the first time. The animation is fluid with no clipping. Any mistakes or jagged movements are fixed with clever camera work. The episode uses enough camera angles to convince you that you are not watching several different sex loops.


The episode has no voice acting apart from one or two sentences that feel like they were copy-pasted from a random porno on the internet. Samus moans and groans throughout the entire episode. The voice pack used is very sexy to listen to with hard, deep grunts making you believe that Samus’ pussy is getting wrecked by a giant alien dick.

The scene is believable with plenty of sex noises like pussy squelching, dick-to-hip thrusting and balls slapping. The episode also gives the alien plenty of grunts. This disgusting alien brute sure enjoys himself! If there are non-sex sound effects I didn’t hear any over the glaringly loud music blasting in my ears.


The music in Samus’ Training Days 1 often feels intrusive. There is only one song that plays throughout the entire animation. Unless you’re a fan of this particular genre of music, it can become very frustrating to listen to after a while. Music in the episode periodically and abruptly stops and starts in such a way that it feels like the song has ended.

The music fits the action taking place onscreen with a beat that feels lifted from a horror survival title like Resident Evil or Alone in the Dark. The rhythm compliments that intense pussy pounding Samus is enduring. Sometimes the music volume is so high that it threatens to deafen out Samus’ moans and other sound effects.


The story is super simple! We find Samus from Metroid caressing some hideous monster with a huge dick. She is horny and needs him to fill the gap in her pussy with his giant alien inseminator. He obliges and shows her exactly how much of him he can fit inside her cunt. Skipping to the end we learn that Samus is getting fucked as part of a mission that is being observed by a couple of scientists. As she receives her alien creampie, they remark that she’s ready for her next mission!


Samus Training Day 1 is a hit and miss with visceral sex and lewd sounding grunts, but the less than ideal quality and overbearing music makes it difficult to enjoy sometimes. This animation was clearly an early product in 26RegionSFM. It’s good to know that even if this first instalment isn’t as good as other 3D porn titles, 26RegionSFM does improve greatly later on. You can watch this 3D porn video here.

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