Written by rastafoo69, edited by Otaku Apologist

Boy Hero Ken Haunted House Investigation, a cuckolding hentai game developed by Sixth Flowerbed. Released October 3, 2020. Download on DLSite for $15.00. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

Ken and Millie have been friends all their lives! But that all changes when Gramps finally gets a go at her. Clueless and cuckolded, Ken continues his investigation into the mysterious haunted mansion while Millie gets fucked.

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Other characters don’t get any buildup, so cucking between Father Thomas, who is in love with Sister Layla, makes little emotional impact. The game’s focus is on the relationship between Millie and Gramps. Millie puts up no resistance whatsoever. The lack of buildup to the corruption hurts enjoyment.

In one scene, Sister Layla walks in on Millie and Gramps kissing. This is meant to be shocking but instead of using this information to create tension, Sister Layla fucks Gramps just a few moments later. A potentially great plot-point is immediately forgotten about.

This game features unavoidable NTR content. The large variety of visuals make the game appear bigger, but content is spread out. Cucking starts twenty minutes into the game with the rest of the content being casual sex.


Boy Hero Ken Haunted House Investigation was created in RPG Maker MV. You click to move. Use the arrow keys to do the same in tight spaces. Pressing W skips dialogue. Holding Enter speeds up animations. You can press Shift to hide text boxes.

You could port this game to the Renpy visual novel engine and lose nothing. The game features no puzzles or battles. You just walk around and talk to people. Sometimes you interact with a bookcase or floorboard, but that’s it.

There are three endings. Ending 1A features Millie and Layla pregnant with Gramps as the father and you none the wiser. In Ending 1B Millie still fucks Gramps but at least you know about it. The third ending features Gramps fucking all three available waifus while you’re aware of it.


Although there are 33 base scenes, most scenes feature multiple unique CGs and sex positions. The game has 60 unique CG images in total. CGs are often reused in multiple scenes. The pixel quality is standard for RPG Maker MV’s engine. If you’ve played circle Acerola’s other NTR games, or other MV games such as Sugoroku Sex Dice, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Full-screen CGs feature animated sex in silhouette form. Be it a foggy bathroom door or a silk curtain, players can view fully animated sexual encounters between Millie and Gramps from a sideview POV..

The beauty of the visuals in this game is best expressed by how dynamic they are. Based on player choices, different CG images will be displayed. This encourages scene replays to check out all the possibilities. Look into a room and see Millie getting fucked, you have two choices: If you watch, you enjoy a nice doggystyle pounding. If you call her name, Gramps will fuck her against the door, facing you, only inches away from your face. Moments like these make it feel like anything is possible. In another scene, Layla compares and contrasts her boyfriend’s cock with Grandpa’s. You see both in cock-size and facial expressions how Layla’s experiences differ. This is how an NTR cock comparison is done correctly! Using multiple unique CGs makes this single event feel like a super erotic experience.


Boy Hero Ken has no voice acting.

The sound effects are primarily stock assets but they were well placed. Whether it’s door creaks or splashes of water, the sound design always fits the dialogue, punctuating funny and dramatic moments. Clearly, the developer knew what he was doing even with a limited budget.


There are 50 tracks in total. You can listen to all the songs in the music room on the north side of the scene replay area. Even a cursory look through the list showcases the heavy use of stock tracks. Who could forget such classical tunes as Town2 or Dungeon5?


There are 33 scenes in total. Millie gets the vast majority of scenes, followed by Sister Layla. Ren, the village girl, only gets two or three scenes.

The animated silhouette sex is incredibly hot. While most games cannot execute this trope since it leads to discovering the sex, this game is different. Boy Hero Ken actually believes the silhouettes are just ghosts, so he just watches and enjoys the view. He’s all like “damn you spirits!”.

Since one of the endings includes impregnation, it’s only natural that multiple scenes involve the girls trying to get pregnant. In one scene, Sister Layla decides to ditch her boyfriend. She begs for the Mayor to get her pregnant instead! If you play long enough, she does!

My favorite scene in the entire game is when Gramps receives a blowjob under the table with Ken none the wiser! Millie decides to be a fucking tease and starts sucking off Gramps like a slut. Her mischievous look while blowing him is so sexy!

The lack of gradual corruption was a huge disappointment. Millie starts out innocent enough, but fucks Gramps like she’s been doing it for years! It’s the classic “your cock is so big I’m a whore now” trope. I just wish there was more build-up.


Boy Hero Ken is a super fun cuckolding game where your Grandpa fucks your childhood friend! The animations are gorgeous, the dialogue is erotic, and the huge variety of scenes are well worth viewing. If you like to jump into the hentai without waiting for the corruption to take root, you’ll love this one.

Highly recommended cuckolding themed adult game. Download Boy Hero Ken.

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