Written by NickatNight, edited by Otaku Apologist

Bad Teacher, a 3D game developed by Windward Games. Visit the developer’s Patreon. Released May 10, 2020. Download for Windows, Download for Mac. No voice acting. Uncensored genitals.

Your life falls into ruin after your fiancé’s infidelity. You must quickly put it back together before starting your new job as a school teacher. Your new life presents you with the opportunity not only to get back at your ex but also to form new relationships with the many women you interact with during your days at school.


After your business flight is cancelled, you quickly rush home to inform your fiancé. But as you open the door to your bedroom, you find her in bed with her boss. Devastated, you quickly end things before spending the next 48 hours getting drunk at the local bar, as you chase all the skirts you see. Eventually, your best friend pulls you out of the rut and assists you in getting a new place before you begin your new job as a teacher. During your time as a teacher, you form relationships not only with your gorgeous students, but also with the incredibly beautiful female employees of this institution.

The story of this game is well developed. After you’ve fallen apart, you must work diligently to put your life back together whilst forming relationships with the new women in your life. Character interactions feel genuine and similar to real life, with each waifu bursting with personality in each interaction. The variety of personalities makes it difficult to decide which woman is most suitable for you; the good thing is that you can date more than one at a time. Each woman has an interesting personal story that you can’t help but think about before making important in-game decisions. The women each have their individual charm. With more than five candidates, you have a lot of choices to make, each of which will impact your other relationships.

The dialogue in Bad Teacher is handled well with each waifu having their own patterns of speech determined by their personalities. Lewd girls go out of their way to leave hints when they speak while more reserved women speak in a more formal and refined manner. The dialogue is well punctuated and flows as naturally as a conversation that you would hear on the street.


Bad Teacher is a game that runs on the Ren’Py engine that many adult gamers would be familiar with by now. Through this, the game manages to rely on a smooth and flexible system which greatly increases the enjoyment. As a typical visual novel game, the controls work in the same manner as other games with players having the options to move forward, replay, skip, save, etc. You will be given a multitude of decisions to make throughout the story that determine which characters you will develop an intimate relationship with. With a multitude of characters and plot lines, there are several ways in which you can take the story. The game has tons of replayability.


Bad Teacher implements brilliantly crafted 3D CG models, with just a hint of hyperrealism. Well executed background shots do an incredible job of helping the player to fully immerse themselves. The models for the different women are all fantastic and remain consistently beautiful throughout the game. Each woman is different which allows players to enjoy a variety of different body types and fetishes. Waifus range from sexy schoolgirls to married MILFs.

Players will note very limited animation in sex scenes. In my view, it would have been much better to use still images instead of limited animation.


Bad Teacher does not have voice acting. The developers instead decided to use generic sound effects throughout the game to enhance the quality. The game features common sounds such as door knocks, sexual sounds, as well as routine atmospheric noises. These sounds make the game far more enjoyable, but they are basic.


Bad Teacher uses a variety of musical tracks to good effect, with music ranging from classical type mixes all the way to more modern club beats. The variety in music gives each scene a genuine feeling of individuality, making every new scene interesting. Another impressive element of this game was the superb transition between music tracks. Each time a new track started, I couldn’t help but notice it transitioned in the most appropriate of times, further enhancing the playing experience.

The most impressive number was a brilliant piano-themed track that was used a few times throughout the game. The music clearly enhances the overall quality but it still feels like some tracks don’t quite blend in as well as the developer might have intended. Despite this, most of the tracks are soothing and do a nice job of keeping the player immersed.


Bad Teacher features more than 11 hentai scenes with a possibility of having sex with at least 8 different women. The women are immaculately built. The convincing dialogue does a great job of setting the mood before sex. In Bad Teacher, the player gets to have sex with these beautiful women in a selection of locations, from the bar to the classroom. A combination of good music and well-designed backgrounds helps the player to dive right in.

The sex scenes are handled well with irresistible images as well as worded dialogue that sets the mood. Characters have tantalizing sex in many positions. They last long enough for the player to be thoroughly entertained before moving on to other scenes. The developers made several frames animated. Sex scenes vary in length making each one feel special tailored towards the individual situation. No scene goes on for too long and none ends too quickly. The player is left feeling satisfied.


Bad Teacher is a faptastic adult game that gives the player many options in love interests. These women are all beautiful and bursting with personality which makes for one engaging experience. Fantastic dialogue and good storytelling choices go a long way in keeping players interested. The excellent sound, music, and eroticism will keep you engaged for hours on end.

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