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Total Nudity School Training, an exhibitionism game developed by 4H. Released June 7, 2012. Download on DLSite for $10.00. For PC Windows. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals. Available in English and Japanese.

You and your friend from school are transferring over to the big city! But the big city schools have some weird policies! For example, one week of the year all students have to be completely nude! Help your female friend train and prepare for it!


This game is a borderline dark comedy. A lot of the humor comes from your female friend, Shizuku Hisahara, opposing the school nudity program. Meanwhile everyone is gaslighting her and saying she’s overreacting.

When Hisahara asks “What if we get groped or raped”, the teacher says “We give each student a rape whistle just in case”. Then the teacher says “Rape is forbidden, so don’t worry about it”. Remember, crime is against the law! I was laughing my ass off the whole time, the teachers at this school are low-key psychopathic.

The darkside of this game is obvious. Men sexually harass Hisahara and at one point she’s nearly kidnapped. Even the teacher admits, there have been “incidents” in the past when men ganged up on girls, and there’s nothing the teacher could do to stop it.

The writing crosses over into abusive, and it can get hard to watch. The school administration did not tell Hisahara about the nudity policy until she already enrolled for the year and moved into the dorms. Any student wearing clothes will be automatically kicked out of the school. In order to encourage nudity, the teacher literally instructs Hisahara to give you a handjob and other sexual favors. If she refuses, Hisahara will be kicked out of the dorms in the middle of the school year. Worst of all, the game ends when you coerce Hisahara into sex and she develops hardcore Stockholm syndrome, and submits to be your girlfriend. The scenario started hilarious, but ended up being super fucked up.

There’s a half-hour prologue at the start of the game before you attend the school, to get you to bond with Hisahara. A lot of this game is pure nudity, and vaginal sex only occurs at the final scene. As a visual novel title, don’t expect pump and dump fun time.


Total Nudity School Training is a visual novel experience. Click the screen to ‘turn the page’. Mouse scroll to access the text log. Right click to pause. Automatic text and hiding the interface is available in the pause menu. There are no choices. The game is about 2 hours long, longer if you’re a slow reader.


There are 14 scenes in total. Hisahara is the only character with standing art. Names are not given to indicate who is speaking during dialogue, so this game is best played in one sitting. Otherwise you may lose track of how the conversation was flowing. The protagonist is invisible during sex scenes, so it may look like Hisahara is just sitting naked on her own.

Hisahara has five basic outfits. Her blue school uniform, her brown school uniform, her pajamas, her micro bikini, and total nudity. She’s nude for most of the game, and drawn in the simplified anime art style. Since the game is going for some level of believability, Hisahara is given a simple and almost boyish face with long black hair.

The positioning of characters in this game is awkward. Hisahara’s head is almost always tilted, her neck seems a bit too long sometimes, and her eyes always have the same deadpan stare into nothingness.

The background artworks are where this developer truly shines. One moment you’re in an art studio, the next you’re in the principal’s office. Hot springs, public parks, bathrooms, shopping streets, and so much more! While other games may limit the area to just the school, this artist expanded out and illustrated a variety of locations from many angles.


Total Nudity School Training features full voice acting for Hisahara and no others. Although the events of the game take place over weeks or months, she doesn’t really change much all throughout. Rather, she remains innocent with a high-pitched voice. Due to the residential setting, sound effects are extremely limited. And due to the protagonist having constant internal monologues, you may not get the time to fully appreciate the voice acting.


The music in this is much like the plot. At first it’s wonderful, but later, not so much. The piano on the title screen is enjoyable, and the soft string instruments at school really give some strong slice of life vibes. But by the end of the game, this feels completely out of place. Where piano used to give me feelings, it disgusts me, because it plays while Hisahara is being coerced. No amount of classical music can change the fact that the events on school were coercive and hard to watch. At least if the music got somber, it would be like the writer was acknowledging how terrible things were getting.


There are 14 scenes in total. Only one vaginal sex scene. All scenes have an exhibitionist focus, with one or two crossing into sexual harassment. There are no animations. The erotic dialogue is primarily focused on embarrassment.

This felt like an ecchi game more than anything else. Even when sexy events do occur like the blowjob scene, the artwork is not vivid enough to convey the sexy potential. For example, the dick never goes into Hisahara’s mouth! She’s just licking the tip! All these scenes leave you really wanting more.

Having the male protagonist travel everywhere with Hisahara tends to mess with your expectations. For example, when she goes to a public park nude, he’s there encouraging her and watching over her. She never really interacts with the men who see her naked. Usually she blushes and says few if any words. I prefer games with a solo female running around, because at least then there’s always the potential it can go beyond looking.


Total Nudity School Training has a hilarious scenario that goes in a dark direction. The lack of choices eliminates any replay value, and the constant internal monologues get annoying over time. It’s a short and fun experience, but doesn’t do anything different than other exhibitionist games out there.

Download Total Nudity School Training. If you liked this game, then definitely check out our review of Liz of the Tower Town.

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