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Fake Lay: Multi-Reset Strategy for Max-Speed Start

by OtakuApologist

Written by OtakuApologist

As you get older and the consequences of your choices throughout life start piling up, whatever illusions you once held in that misty-eyed youth, crumble. Reality dick-slaps you in the face, like a bitch saying “I’m done with you”. One such reality-check, for me, has been the consistent success of Fake Lay, which has now made its way to Erogames.com.

Back when I reviewed this game in 2017, little did I think of it. It’s a dating sim idle game hybrid, with a very quirky art style. But something about it resonated with hentai gamers, who have continued to support it. I suppose the gameplay was entertaining enough, with flavorful deviations from the standard clicker game format.

Since people obviously enjoy this, here are my thoughts on how to quickly get the girls going wild and your “fake taxi” porn business running.

I reset my game like five times before the first 10-minute date with Cherry. You can play the game very actively before that, but waiting 10 minutes for her to finish the date, while all my skills are sluggishly upgrading and my businesses barely make a dent? Bitch, please.

The 10-minute date with Cherry is the first real show-stopper that would test your patience. At that point, you’re deep enough that a reset bonus will be around 5 or 6 percent.

The game has a very common free-to-play idle game mechanic where you can reset all your progress in exchange for a permanent speed boost, similar to “new game plus”.

You need cash and skills to fill the pre-requisites to unlock new intimacy levels with girls. Most of the time, your progress is bottlenecked by the sluggishly upgrading skills. There’s no active way to boost the speed at which skill levels upgrade. You have no other means of control over this part than boosting.

Also, when you go on a date with a girl, you have to wait the full duration of the date. You can focus on other girls while the date is ongoing, because apparently you’re a lovecraftian quantum creature not tied down by time or three-dimensional space, corrupting mortal women for some sinister cosmic end goal.

The time these dates take doesn’t go down with speed boosts. You can spend diamonds to finish dates instantly, but you’ll want to be sparing with that, if you’re doing frequent resets, because you’ll have to do the dates again when you get to that part, with no reductions to their duration. The dates can easily become a big tax on your resources.

When you finish a new scene with a girl, I recommend always buying the optional boost, which levels up your businesses (that distribute the films). This costs only one diamond per scene. The reason this is worth it, is that the businesses retain their levels throughout the resets. Your income will be almost instantly restored with better numbers.

After you’ve reset the game multiple times at practically the first possible chance, play it for a long period, unlock at least five girls, so you can get a massive reset bonus of 15-40%. The next playthrough, you can play for longer, completely seduce some girls and unlock enough diamonds to purchase the reset without a reset, for 30 diamonds.

By spending 30 diamonds, you get the reset boost without losing any progress, allowing you to go much further in the game and have an absolutely massive reset when you decide to pull the trigger again.

The reset boost gets exponentially better the longer your “playthrough”. It’s not really a playthrough, since the game is endless, but in lack of a better word, let’s call it one.

You get 20 diamonds every time you completely seduce a girl, so build your strategy around this mechanic. Also, each new scene with a girl unlocks one energy. You need energy slots to keep businesses active and skills upgrading and filming ongoing. With my strategy, you’ll unlock lots of new energy slots very quickly.

You can also spend the free 100 erogold you get as a signup bonus for 10 diamonds. This can be spent on a nifty time warp, to unlock new scenes with multiple girls. If you decide to use the time warp, I recommend waiting until you have five girls at least, for maximum unlocks.

If you have suggestions for how to play this game more efficiently, feel free to comment.

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