Written by Otaku Apologist

As an adult media company, we are having a balancing act between our financial self-interests to create and share media that is exciting, taboo, entertaining for our audience, and conveying the harsh reality that often makes fantasies unfeasible to be executed. The last thing we want is harm to our customers and stakeholders.

If you want to realize taboo fantasies with a partner or multiple partners, please be very fucking responsible. When you are taking personal risks in pursuit of pleasure, you must assess the risks carefully before going through with any plans.

Our writers discovered in 2020 that popular online cuckolding lifestyle forums have censorship. Whenever a couple breaks up, the moderators delete the threads and ban the accounts. Disillusioned users will go on toxic tirades on the message boards, which the moderators cull from the community’s consciousness. While their moderating is understandable to a degree, this censorship leads to readers developing a distorted view about the risks of deviant lifestyles.

Any sexual activities can easily get out of control, even in situations where you are just attempting to incorporate dirty talk into your daily interactions with someone. Please understand, when you are taking risks on a regular basis, shit eventually hits the fan, which seems to have happened to one Reddit-user who was involved in the cuckolding lifestyle.

The redditor used a throwaway account to tell their story, so nothing can be verified. But it is a believable story. Very often you’ll find the cuck boyfriends and husbands are bisexual men who never explored this side of themselves. Upon exploring, this couple found themselves filing for a divorce within 6 months of starting in the style, while the bull and the husband fell in love and excluded the woman. While the redditor’s story is admittedly hilarious, it highlights the genuine risk in involving additional parties in your intimate relationship.