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Censorship in Internet Cuckolding Communities Exposed

by Rastafoo69

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Manfred Manson and OtakuApologist

I am close to the moderators of r/CuckoldPregnancy. During my years on the internet, I have run across many other websites centered on the topic of cuckolding. You’ve seen it flooding all over porn sites. You can probably imagine things if you haven’t already. I don’t need to advocate for that fetish when it’s swamping us from all sides. I’d rather take you into the tradeoffs instead with all the associated misery that occurs once your erection is spent and you have the rest of your time in which nothing remotely sexual is happening.

In our last article on the dangers of cuckolding, I mentioned the risks both socially and romantically. Most prominently, the risk that cuckolding leads to breakup and divorce. While statistics on the matter are either limited or biased, we can examine some case studies.

Cuckolding doesn’t always lead to divorce even if it’s quite a lot. The problem is – these stories often go unseen. Like it or not we’re in an economy of clicks. Moderators will remove depressing topics, simply to keep the ship sailing. Amateur real-life experiences of everyday people are all very juicy given the amount of studio garbage porn sites have been overrun with. They, however, quickly lose their luster when floating in a sea of misery and suffering. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t just some fringe thing that is merely an oddity like a girlfriend who likes you to meow while you are assfucking her and she barks like a dog.

Cuckolding is perhaps one of the most volatile tendencies one can have.


The cuckolding community on Quora is surprisingly active and honest. Here is a good place to start when investigating the subject. As you dig deeper, you’ll find both men and women discussing the issue. The phrase “In my first marriage” is usually quite abundant in that space.

Users who experienced divorce related to cuckolding include Janet Berry, Hank Have, Emma Jane Brown, and many others. Even in successful relationships, there are many individuals like Megan Danford who admit that cuckolding nearly caused a divorce. The breakups are too many to count.

One of the most prominent examples of cuckold divorce is Janet Berry. With over 1.2M content views on Quora, it’s safe to say this isn’t a LARP. After months of cuckoldry, her husband began to feel “cuckold regret” and “cuck angst”. Both of these keywords are commonly known among cuckolding communities. It’s like saying the sky is blue. By default, it is understood the cuckold will feel regret and need online support to suppress it.

Years after the divorce, her husband confessed to feeling massive regret but lacking the willpower to stop it once her affairs began. He was afraid of how she would react. After all, she already had “boyfriends” and “lovers”, so his opinion as husband held less sway than before. Once you start cuckolding, it is almost impossible to stop it, other than the whole thing bursting out in flames on its own.


This story dates back to 2012 with the user PussRider. He let his best friend fuck his wife, only for them to run away together. Even worse, the wife took their daughter as well. Even after they reconciled, their relationship is something totally different and he is now cucked in the way nobody wants to be. His former wife wouldn’t give him the time of day, much less have an erotic thought about him or engage him in any civil manner. I mean most of us don’t mind fucking wild in our single years. But having attachments, dependencies, or even more fragile things like families… It makes this fetish into a shit-stained disaster on a timer waiting to collapse on your head.

An interesting wrinkle to PussRider’s story is that it was originally supposed to be a swinging experience with an old friend. The lesson being, you can never truly know the intentions of other people. And this isn’t about you. You are always going to be inferior. It’s a numbers game. Once you are in this, you hardly just find a small circle of people and you keep it there. The doors between cuckolding, orgies, threesomes, and whatnot are hardly distinguishable. Not to mention they are basically in the same room.

The more people going through your bedroom, the sooner a better catch comes along. You are not perfect, and sooner rather than later someone who at least appears better than you will be involved. People aren’t that disciplined or with that good foresight. We will always be enticed by the new. Even if your replacement isn’t really better than you, they will always seem better with that new car smell on them. How long the person replacing you lasts doesn’t really matter since you’ve been thrown in the garbage already.

In this case, PussRider assumed it was okay because he knew the bull, and it was an equal swap. But the sad truth is, we’re only people, our best-laid plans often turn out laughable on the grand stage of life. You cannot control the actions of others. Cuckolding’s very core is a stack of risks boxed together. That’s what makes it interesting to most. A lot of everyday people who can’t even articulate themselves in the face of some snotty clerk, let alone be adventurous… Night comes along with some stranger in your bedroom and your head is suddenly rushed with adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins while simultaneously shooting your genitals in the face of some new person.

Relationships are iffy at best. That’s the whole point. You try to build and strengthen through sharing experiences together. By letting other people in your bedroom is literally creating space between you and your partner. The bull is not obligated to care about your wishes.

The “Do My Wife” forum is practically ancient, and filled with hundreds of stories like this one. Both the husband and wife agree “this will not change our relationship”, but once it happens, it always does. No guarantees beforehand can stop the effects of cuckolding on a once decent relationship.

The linked thread contains many stories similar to PussRider’s. For example, “Aquidneckguy” tells his story, of how his girlfriend developed feelings for another man after only one night in bed together. She tried her best to separate sex from intimacy, but simply could not. Once you cum in a woman, she gets attached. Thankfully, the bull in this scenario had no intention to start a long-term relationship. According to the cuck, “this could have easily been a disaster with any other guy“.


Reddit moderators are notorious for removing posts and topics relating to cuckolding divorce. Why would people return to your porn group, only to get depressed? In any case, the website Removeddit, is your friend. This is effectively an internet archive for divorce stories.

While I could go through hundreds, let’s focus on the story of RexBeastBear. Note the minimal interactions with the post. Sexy posts get tons of upvotes and end up trending on the front of the subreddit. But posts where reality kicks in, are always forgotten.

RexBeastBear tried cuckolding with his high school sweetheart, a girl he knew since they were 16 years old. They were open and transparent with great communication. He constantly encouraged her to fuck another guy. Buying her dildos, incorporating cuck-talk into the bedroom, and so much more. He pushed this fetish on her, hard.

Then one day, that classic line. His wife had a guy friend. If you let your wife have guy friends, you’re basically asking for trouble.

But much like PussRider, it seemed okay. This guy friend was married with kids, there’s no way he would jeopardize that by trying to steal someone’s girlfriend! Right?

She cheats. He forgives her. Some time passes. She cheats again. How could this have happened? His wife was out having “girls nights”. I mean, you may as well file the papers instead of dragging it out.

Men are famous for thinking with their dicks. But women aren’t far off either. She swallows some guy’s load a few times and begins dreaming of some happily ever after future.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a mystery, it’s not complicated or very dramatic. In these sex games, more often than not, people are brought in that are effectively unknown. That’s why throughout human history stages of involvement and courtship were involved. If you skip right to the intimacy it’s easy to get pumped and excited – dreamy. But, you can only fuck for so long. The greater part of your day is filled with non-fucking, and that’s the backbone of your relationship. You think you are going to run away with that guy or girl because they get your pants excited. You and I know, it’s nice, but it’s not nearly enough.

… So, when the cuck finally confronts her, it’s too late. “I’m in love with him”. She moves in with him, but it crashes and burns. She comes running back to the cuck saying “I’m sorry, forgive me!” You know what this dumbass cuck does? He accepts her back.

The only problem is, she’s pregnant with his kid! So, cuckie pays for her to have an abortion. Do you think the relationship was ever the same? His high school sweetheart is something different now entirely. Humans are messy and fragile. Most of the time those who have such great mental fortitude to stay above it all, are also the kind of people who can score even bigger thrills for themselves without having to mix in other people’s baggage. They’ve fought and struggled to contain their demons and have put enough effort into happiness to make it happen. The world is vast and quite varied. Strong people can feel on the edge of their seat without toying with life-ruining danger.

And we’re just talking about divorce. This article is already too grim for me to go into the suicides, murders, life sentences, and all the shit shows that go with those.

He also realized he’s probably bisexual, because he keeps dreaming of the other guy’s cock. He breaks up with his girlfriend, goes to therapy, attempts suicide, and moves on. He tries to start a new relationship, but his cuckold desires pop up and he breaks up with the new girl to spare her from it all.

Now, RexBeastBear is 30 and alone. He wasted so many years on that relationship, all because he fucked it up by encouraging his woman to cuckold him. He closes the essay saying “To anyone who read this far. Be careful what you wish for.”

While cuck fantasies are always the same, reading this is a true wake-up call. A realization that there are people on the other side of the computer screen, and their lives are a living hell. I hate to break it to you, but the prize just doesn’t compare to the loss.


Say what you will about the site, but the admins follow the opposite of censorship. They leave everything on display, and let you be the judge.

Click the link for an entire thread on cuckold regrets. I highly recommend reading the post by “bound2bmine“. Bound’s wife slowly began to view her husband as weak, and compare him to the bull. The cuckolding changed her opinion of her husband. The nail in the coffin was when she ended up pregnant by the bull. “Bound2bmine” received divorce papers soon after.

These two are not the only examples. In fact, there are entire threads where people talk about their experiences. Many of these men like CuriousBlake ended up divorced because of it!

The most curious case here is Slinky1 who fully admits “I became the third wheel…and once my ex had fallen for them, I couldn’t reverse it. I tried, but it didn’t happen.” And yet, he seems to imply cuckolding is not to blame, and if he just did it right, the ex would have stayed. Because real communism has never been tried, am I right?

Like it or not, this is very much like taking drugs. Most people who ever took them thought they’re too smart to be some drug addict that’s going to end in a ditch. Well, the ralities of human beings speak for themselves. We’re rarely that smart or that capable, and everything turns to shit. And for, what a little anarchic fun? There is practically an infinite number of taboos, and crazy amounts of excitement to get your rocks off. Sure, enjoy the fantasies, but perhaps don’t toy with the most damaging of them. I mean even if you just decided to go get wasted, you don’t start with the most toxic shit that would melt your face off.

As a bonus, check out this thread that lasted from 2018 into 2019. A guy lets his stepdad fuck his girl. Long story short, the stepdad steals the girl. Or more like, she chose the better man. OP seemed really depressed but, what did he expect would happen?


The story of CuriousDave is the longest and most in-depth tale of cuckold divorce. The first post was in 2012, and after a long hiatus, Dave has returned in 2021. There are nearly 100 pages total. The sex occurs on page 21. The divorce occurs some time after page 40.

It all starts so innocently. Dave’s father has raised him since he was a lad, so Dave has always looked up to him. “He was always my role model and hero and, in my opinion, the ideal for what a Man should be”. Naturally, Dave had fantasies of his father with his beautiful wife Jenna.

Jenna often keeps Dad company by spending time with him platonically. Recently, they’ve started taking dance classes together. Dave tries to tease the idea and ask his wife if she has “dates”. She plays along thinking its harmless fun, until the fantasies get a bit more erotic. Dave starts saying “I bet your date will love that outfit”, and slowly normalizes the fantasies in Jenna’s mind.

After 28 pages of teasing, fantasies, dirty talk, roleplay, and general buildup – she finally fucks him. Jenna fucked Dave’s father.

Things go well for a while until Dave suffers an injury that leaves him unable to go out on dates or please his wife. Not that he was by this point, since she was exclusively fucking Daddy.

Dave never had any intentions for his wife to sleepover with Daddy frequently or actually build that into a girlfriend relationship, but that’s what it became. Without much fanfare, she effectively becomes Daddy’s girlfriend. It was subtle at first, but their relationship was building over time.

There are some ups and downs to the journey, but Dave never sees the writing on the wall. Like when his wife admits she always found Papa handsome, or when his wife and Papa break up temporarily and she gets lovesick and emotional. The fact is, Jenna loved Papa, more than she loved Dave.

Finally on page 43, Jenna admits her love for Dave has been a “charade”. She loves Papa now, and is leaving Dave forever.

Dave is upset, but keeps jerking off to the thought. He hates it, but it’s the ultimate fulfillment of his fantasies. And then, he never saw Jenna again. She now has two children with Dave’s Father.

As for Dave, he began dating a new woman named Paige, and encouraged her to cuckold him. She got pregnant with another man’s baby and left him. Of course, she needs someone to support her financially, and Dave welcomed her back with open arms.

Dave also went through that classic phase where he realized his cuckolding desires are actually connected to suppressed homosexual tendencies. While he indulged in them for a while, he doesn’t any longer. He still keeps the forum posted on his day to day life.

No words I can write would properly describe the enormous history book of writing that Dave created. I guarantee you’ll see a bit of yourself in his writing. We all have that impulsive side to us. The difference is, he let it take control, and ruin his life.

The sad thing is, Dave never learned anything from the experience. Rather, he’s doubled down on his stances. Saying cuckoldry is “wired in” and Jenna leaving was probably “inevitable” and making allusions to fate and destiny.

Whatever helps you sleep at night Dave! But the fact is, you’re making excuses for your lack of willpower and indulgence in your fetishes. And excuses are like assholes! Everybody’s got one, so yours isn’t special.

Dave has outright stated he would take Jenna back in a heartbeat, but it’s safe to say he hasn’t learned his lesson. He fell victim to the addictive taboo of cuckoldry, and gave up the perfect woman for a lifetime of regret. Rest in peace CuriousDave.

If it wasn’t bad enough, divorce these days is venue for total male annihilation. There are already enough pitfalls out there ready to end you. Entertaining the notion of cuckolding is hardly better than alcoholism or impulsive gambling.

It just so happens that the cucked man is the most disposable person in the room. What do they need you for? To stand by and touch yourself while someone else is smearing her vagina juices allover the bed? Someone else is already fucking her brains out good.

Also, there’s the hunter… Men who have their lives in a place that don’t really need a partner, rather some good obedient slut to empty their balls on the regular and wash their dishes. Some of them get mail order brides. Where would you go look for a submissive woman? Especially if you just needed one to dominate and keep stashed rather than bothering through the garbage world of dating where every landwhale thinks they are entitled to the prince of Arabia?

This isn’t the age of virgins anymore. However you meet a woman, her ass is already smashed by half the fools in town. Stealing one from the cucks is on par with any other option you got.

The women who could be convinced by cucks to suck the dicks of strangers are exactly the group hunters are looking for – all conveniently gathered for you. Even if you don’t want to keep her, you can pump her for a year and then dump her ass. Men who go after cuckolding usually are not on top of their game, and even mediocre pickups can fill their woman’s head with enough bullshit to steal her. And that’s on top of the bulls that already do that when they feel they found a woman they want to snatch. They usually have the bigger dick and they are already in the dominance position. A bull snatching your waifu is almost effortless.

Be careful out there, coomers. Try and find something other than toxic wasteland thrills to live on the edge. If you are determined and nothing can sway you – at least try it out with some disposable booty call, not with the person you intend to share the rest of your life with.

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Nunyabusiness March 24, 2021 - 12:02

Very informative article and one everyone should read.

I do like cuckolding games I support some on patreon but they have the option to stay faithful. I do watch those type of videos on occasion. But I never once imagine I am the one being cuckolded or even the one doing the cuckolding.

That being said it’s not something I ever be apart of in real life, for exactly a lot of the reasons you mentioned. The only person that really benefits in those type of relationships is the woman and I guess the alpha guy she goes with benefits.

However even the alpha guy could get replaced if she meets and even better alpha guy, women like to trade up, never trade down.

I will never be a part of a cuckold relationship if I was dating someone and they said they wanted an open relationship I would dump them on the spot. Even if my dick was going “yeah do it” it’s hard but one of the best things a guy can learn to do is not think with his dick.

Once again great article.

ankylosaur March 26, 2021 - 04:38

It is interesting that you point out the risk of the game for the cuckold himself — which I understand, since you are implicitly taking his stance. But because as you point out this kind of relationship involves bringing unknown people into the game, the same dangers exist for all participants. The bull may end up getting screwed (and not in a good way), and so can the wife. There are also cases available in fora in which the cuckold husband was the ‘crappy guy’ who deceived and disappointed his ‘hotwife’ and left her out in the cold — or the bull.

That is not to say that I miss the fact that the cuckold is in an especially fragile position — something I certainly agree with, and that cuckolds in general should certainly think seriously about before indulging in any real-life fantasies. But he’s not the only one — oh no, not by a long shot.

In the end, relationships are and have always been complicated. It is true that it may often be better to keep your fetishes in fantasy land; but there are also cases of people who did that, ended up accumulating resentment and negativity — and these feelings were the ones that destroyed his relationship and his life. (That’s the case with one person I happen to know.) To every failed attempt at happy cuckolding, there is a traditionally unhappy marriage where the partners keep together because they’re either afraid of facing life on their own or incapable of doing that because of real-life restrictions — and so condemn themselves to a life of mutual hatred while pretending this is better than living alone for the sake of appearances. And let’s not even get started on what happens when children are also involved in the tragic tale.

So what’s the final message? Life is difficult.

By all means consider going for what your heart desires, even if it is something risky like cuckoldry. But also consider other options, like not going for it. Consider them seriously — also from the viewpoint of their drawbacks and the possibility that they may lead to your unhappiness.

In fact, throughout life, constantly reassess what you’re going through now, how it is evolving, and where you see it going. What the problems are, the possible pitfalls, the possible solutions and ways out.

Learn to course-correct. To both listen, and be sure you’re being listened to. WHATEVER you decide to do, even the least dangerous and risky things, are not guaranteed. You may always lose. Be ready to deal with that.

And for all relationships, romantic or not… think of the bond that underlies it, and if you can (and want to) do something to strengthen it. In the end, relationships and the bonds they create are very real things, that need planning and nurturing. Living a relationship as if it were a fantasy is the problem — not because fantasies are ‘bad’, but because that’s not what real relationships are, and if you treat something as if it were something else, then it will backfire.

That’s it. I hope everybody finds their own happiness.

XeroX123 March 28, 2021 - 11:27

Hey Ankylosaur,

Could you elaborate a bit more on your viewpoint, specifically in regards to the bulls? I understand how the wife is put in a vulnerable position, and the cuckold’s fragility is intuitive, but what dangers does the bull face?

This isn’t an attack or anything, I’m honestly just trying to understand your perspective.

OtakuApologist March 31, 2021 - 12:53

The elevated risk of getting your life destroyed is the reason cuckolding is exciting, that’s the mechanism. It’s the reason why hedonism is not a healthy way to live your life, because you always need a bigger fix to get the same high. Eventually, you start taking such big risks for the sake of thrills that you end up destroying your most precious relationships.

I’ve frequented forums like this for the sexy stories, and sometimes found a thread written by a guy complaining about divorce or other drama. Cuckolding divorces are even messier than normal divorces, more shit goes down, more relationships are destroyed.

And even after such experiences, you can’t go back to normal sex. It’s too exciting, the addiction remains.

Booba April 12, 2021 - 09:38

Half of marriages end in divorce anyway. Seems cuckoldry is just a convenient scapegoat

OtakuApologist April 12, 2021 - 10:02

Because the laws on divorce have been butchered by the feminist lobby. At least that’s my understanding.


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