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The Pros and Cons of Premarital Sex

by OtakuApologist

Written by Otaku Apologist

If you want simple rules, a simple life, don’t have premarital sex. Find a person you have lots in common with, shared values, a person who has their shit together, and is worthy of commitment. Wait until marriage.

Unfortunately, this standard of going about things rarely works anymore in a society that’s abandoned the old ways. You wait too long, you risk losing your partner to a sexual competitor. Relationships in the west are in a crisis, because of this.

One of the key discoveries of pickup artists has been the vital importance of sleeping with a woman soon as possible, to activate her biology, the love chemicals of oxytocin. At the very least, you have to get her masturbating to your conversations and writings, to begin the pair bonding process. You’re in a competition, and you can lose.

Sex is important for one’s emotional and physical well-being. It’s validation, it’s fun, it’s many great things, when done by two emotionally mature people.

I have read, explored, and discussed sex with various sexually experienced men and women over the many years I’ve done hentai. From this pool of experiences, I’ve grappled to comprehend what the rules should be. This post will discuss these thoughts and experiences and is free for you to contribute your views in the comments.

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The challenge in developing universal rules, for anything, is that exceptional people can make the most unfathomable things feasible. Personally, I can compartmentalize anxious thoughts better than most and have no insecurities about my body. I can meet and fuck someone on the same day. But what’s feasible for me or you may not be universal.

The rules of society cannot be based around minority exceptions.

Sex is like alcohol. Some need it more than others, and of those, some are able to stay cool-headed with it. The addicts tend to get obsessed and toss out rules that would keep them safe. That’s how you get harrowing stories that take a while to fully process and develop rules around.

Sex is never without risk. Intelligent women and men who are better at reading others have a lower chance of banging someone who’ll become a stalker, a rapist, or even their killer. But if you’re rolling the dice regularly, you will get burned.

It’s not a healthy social standard to encourage premarital sex. Because average people, most people, at the lower end of the IQ bellcurve aren’t able to navigate human complexity adequately enough to engage in high-risk sexual activities.

Casual sex is high-stakes gambling on your health and your finances. It’s such a dark thrill that some idiots don’t use condoms. The prevalence of STDs among the most sexually active populations is stupidly high, the viruses are now mutating. We’re seeing the rise of public health monsters like super gonorrhea.

That’s how gambling works. You’ll win and get burned, highs and lows, that’s part of the experience. And premarital sex is gambling. It’s an unfeasible social standard that leads to rampant social chaos. Read more on super gonorrhea at the WHO site and STDwatch.com and STD-gov.org.

Premarital sex is rushing to the endgame without meticulous vetting of your partner. Like rushing a new experimental drug with novel technology to be injected into millions of people. You’re bound to cause permanent damage to an unlucky minority.

Spending the healthiest years of your life exploring partners sounds exciting on paper, and maybe that’s your thing. Sure, you’ll learn interesting lessons, probably are a good fuck, but the chances of suffering lasting consequences get higher the more you explore. Are you prepared for STDs? Prepared for one of your fucks going crazy with love?

Before engaging in high-risk activities, you have to know yourself. What is healthy or dangerous to you depends on who you are. If your family has a history of alcoholism, you shouldn’t drink. If many in the tree have diabetes, you eat less sugar.

At the very least, you shouldn’t feel any inferiority about living according to your own rules. A high knotch count is nothing to be proud of. The tradeoffs are many. Many statistics allude to it. Women who fuck around are risky longterm partners.

This could be the perfect spot to end this article, but we’re going a little further. Because I know the other side of the coin. There are instances where it is absolutely vital to your personal growth to seek sexual exerperiences. In situations where anxiety or trauma or insecurities or some disability are stopping you from making moves, you need to overcome that.

The right reason to avoid sex is values. Because you enhance your sexual prospects with that. Living according to a high social standard of excellent prudence makes you desirable to partners who look for that trait. Once you’re married, it’s condoms off. But your society must uphold these values, lest it becomes counterproductive to your sexual goals.


Ehm… The dating rules in the English-speaking west have become muddied, if you hadn’t figured that out yet. We have roughly speaking two competing social standards, the liberal and the conservative. Living rigidly according to one standard produces bad results here. You literally cannot live according to one set of principles, which is confusing and discouraging. You’re branded either a prude or a slut, which makes no sense. The complexity that the culture war has introduced into the sexual marketplace and into relationships is horrendous. You’re not alone in your struggles.

I hope that eventually, we figure out healthy universal rules again. This shit can’t go on much longer.

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