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Animegirl Double-Team Sex Game Review: Chinkamo Twins

by Mistress Valentine
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Chinkamo Twins, a hentai visual novel game developed by Lovelab. Released July 2, 2022. Download on MangaGamer for $12.99. Download on JAST USA for $11.04. For Windows PC. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals.

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Chinkamo Twins follows the typical hentai story of one lone young man living with two cute girls. He is only ever referred to as Onii-chan, so we will do the same. The girls are Saya and Uya. The former is a quiet and reserved gamer while the latter is energetic and active. They couldn’t be any different except for two things: 1) They are both slackers when it comes to work and 2) they both desperately want to jump Onii-chan’s bones.

Onii-chan takes it upon himself to educate them, so they don’t fail, but this task is harder than he thought. Saya is too tired because of all-night gaming while Uya just wants to find any excuse. It’s an uphill battle that forces Onii-chan to use unconventional tactics!

Amidst all this, we also get to see Saya and Uya become rivals for Onii-chan’s attention. Saya is the first to make a move on him, but this quickly makes Uya jealous. She takes a shot after learning that masturbating to two people having sex isn’t nearly as fun as getting filled with dick.

Pretty soon, the two girls are battling it out for Onii-chan with neither willing to give an inch. We spend time getting to know each girl. Saya is sneaking out to take part in a big video game tournament while Uya is practicing for a basketball tournament. It’s all very vanilla, slice of life, spiced with sex!

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Chinkamo Twins is a visual novel. You click the screen to turn the page. Throughout your run, you are presented with choices that have no impact on the rest of the game. The only thing affected by your decisions is where Onii-chan chooses to shoot his cum. The game has a wonderful menu with a lot of functionality. There is a CG Mode, as well as a Scene Mode and a gallery for listening to the soundtrack separately.

The game also gives players the option of playing the game with Uya and Saya sporting animal ears, or in the nude, or both! The game frequently transitions between scenes using the title card which becomes frustratingly annoying since this resets my settings to ‘auto play’ dialogue. Stop disrupting my fapping!

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Chinkamo Twins has very beautiful artwork that makes it easy to believe that this title had a really decent budget. The character designs for Saya and Uya are great with their cuteness being a prominent feature. They have same-face syndrome, but thankfully their personalities, good vocal performances, clothing, hair and eye color set them apart just enough. They have a handful of poses and plenty of expressions. If you choose to give them animal ears or make them appear naked or both, the entire game’s CG sprites are replaced accordingly. I got a chuckle replaying the game with them naked.

The background artwork pops just as much. The locations are pretty generic, like a living room and bed rooms and suburban streets, but the level of detail, style, the colors perfectly compliment the sprites.

The sex CGs are just as good. There isn’t a lot of high detail, but the positions of the characters show off their sexy bodies. The art evolution when it comes to changing facial expressions, cum and virginal blood helps bring scenes to life.


The game is fully voiced. Uya and Saya are voiced by Hiragi Sayoko and Naru Nagomi. The rest of the game has voice-over for secondary characters like the girls’ mom (who briefly makes an appearance). The voice-over cast is spectacular. The girls sound adorable and their mannerisms and personality, while generic, are fun to watch.

The game has an extensive library of sounds to bring the game world to life. Among them are cicadas in the summer, doors opening and closing, clothes rustling, birds chirping, basketball dribbling, school bells and a lot of comedic abstract sounds for the numerous hilarious moments the three leads get up to.

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The game’s soundtrack has 18 songs, as well as a specially designed opening theme, sung by the artist Kyoko. Chinkamo Twins features mostly lighthearted tunes that are either playful and fun or silly and comedic. One or two tracks are genuinely heartfelt and are used during more intimate moments. There is also at least one pop rock song that stands out from the rest for how much wholesome energy it gives off!

The game uses a good balance of original and synthetic instruments such as the guitar, drums, xylophone, keyboard, piano, flute, triangle and string plucking. Certain songs get to highlight a certain instrument. The tracks are fun to listen to and each have their own unique feel that makes the scenes they’re used in stand out.

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Chinkamo Twins has a total of 12 sex scenes. These vary in their vanilla-ness, but are mostly all designed to be fun and sexy. As mentioned, Saya is the first to have an encounter. It’s very tame which perfectly demonstrates her inexperience as she gives Onii-chan a simple handjob. She graduates to sluthood when she gives up her virginity to him and screams out like a bitch in heat!

Not wanting to be outdone, Uya masturbates while listening to the two have sex before taking the initiative and getting on her hands and knees, lifting her ass and asking Onii-chan if he’s ‘gonna put his wiener in’. The line is just as funny as it is ridiculous.

Saya ups her game with another handjob while Uya takes another cock in the pussy. The encounters are just long enough for players to get wet or hard, cum and finish enjoying the scene. We get an obligatory harem ending with both girls sucking Onii-chan’s dick and balls before giving him permission to pound their brains out. Happy endings in hentai are always so sweet!


Chinkamo Twins is the kind of sex game where you just turn off your brain, whip out your dick or pussy and enjoy the ride. The characters are clichéd but cute-looking. The drama is predictable, but the sex is fun. You’ll enjoy the music while fapping to the visuals. What more can you ask of a slice of life hentai VN?

Download this on Mangagamer today! Download on JAST USA.

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