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Netorare Corruption Game Review: New Wife May-chan

by Sexy

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by Manfred Manson and Otaku Apologist

New Wife May-chan, a netorare hentai porn game developed by Pushpin Rush. Download on DLSite for $6.00. Released on August 27, 2022. For Windows PC. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

You are May-chan, a young lady who is traveling with her childhood friend Yu-kun. Life is swell until your adventuring party gets a new member, an older man named Gouki. Whether she knows it or not, Gouki has a lot to teach May-chan about sex!

This game has no official translation at the time of writing. Please use MTool to translate. And if you want to create your own custom eroge, absolutely visit hentaicoop.com and we’ll make your game!


The main duo is a young guy and gal who are newly married but haven’t consummated their marriage. They are on a quest to find four sacred treasures and defeat the demon king. It’s a classic story with one small problem. To guide them on their quest, they travel with an older martial artist named Gouki. Gouki wants to fuck May, and considering his intelligence and cunning, it’s a foregone conclusion that the male hero of the story is doomed to get cucked.

It starts with kissing and fondling, progresses to oral. Gouki even saves May-chan from being killed! He suffered an injury protecting her and May respects that, but she still won’t open her legs. Gouki then threatens to murder Yu-kun, and finally gets to have sex with May-chan. She gets four creampies that night, and Yu-kun witnesses everything.

From this point on, Yu-kun is detached and uncaring towards May-chan while she lies to him and hides the truth. Yu-kun boils with rage until his heroic blood awakens and he develops a power comparable to Gouki. Just as Gouki is about to kill Yu-kun, he reveals a plot twist.

The story now splits into two endings. If May chooses to stay with Gouki, Yu-kun falls into despair and allows the demon armies to destroy humanity. Her whorish behavior ruined him mentally, society must pay the price – you get what you deserve.

If May chooses to make things right, she travels the world for a full year to find a magic item that allows her to travel back in time. Once she’s gone back in time, she prevents the cuckolding from occurring and they all live happily ever after.

As you can probably tell, this narrative has a major fucking hole in it. Nothing bad ever happens to Gouki-san. He literally threatens to commit murder unless the female protagonist sleeps with him, and even when she does, he plans to commit the murder anyway. Although May travels back in time, she never does anything to prevent Gouki from doing this to other girls. And the narrative treats May like a victim, even though she kissed Gouki and opened the door to this drama from the start!


The game is made in RPG Maker MV, and doesn’t have any unique game mechanics to speak of. Battles are automatically completed by walking into enemies, so there’s no challenge. The level cap is 15, which can be reached in under 20 minutes of gameplay. This also means you’ll be walking through the final dungeon or two, at max level! The fact is, the game could be converted to a visual novel and nothing would be lost. Without a doubt, a very disappointing use of the RPG Maker engine.


The visuals are a mixed bag. Some scenes look downright awful. Even in the promotional art on DLSite, Gouki looks like a bad doodle. And his dick looks like a sharp stone rather than a penis!

The sex stats menu features just the standing art with captions. The naked characters don’t look erotic at all. The artist over-uses the color white to create shine effects that don’t look human. The limbs are positioned robotically. The heavy censorship makes her pussy look like a blob. And May has no ass!

Even worse, the actual gameplay is fully populated with stock assets. There’s grass zone, fire zone, cave zone, and all the others you’ve seen in every RPG Maker game before it. Of course, the game is only 5 bucks with a coupon, so you get what you pay for.


New Wife May-chan has no voice acting.

All sound effects are stock assets from the RPG Maker Library.


The game has 35 music tracks total, but they’re all stock assets. The main menu music is a lesser known violin track from the stock library and painfully lacking in a significant melody. Most tracks only play the same 3-5 notes in a loop.


While marketed as an NTR game, the actual content is more focused on virginity and inexperience. Lines about her hymen being broken and how “nobody has ever seen me naked before” are a common occurrence. I say this because you have to remember, May goes back in time to reverse the cuckolding and give her virginity to the male protagonist instead. So yes, we get two defloration scenes, but the second is far less erotic.

Outside of the virginity themes, the erotic text in this game is awful! “May’s anus smells good!” and “Her anus is really erotic”, are just a sample of the cringe. I know some people love in-depth anal stuff, but this is absurd! Pair this with zero animations and very generic positioning, to make the most forgettable experience on the planet. I did not cum while playing this game, which is a heavy mark against recommending it.


New Wife Mei-chan is below average in every regard. The visuals are flawed, the story is frustratingly crazy, and the gameplay is nonexistent after fifteen minutes. This game may have been good twenty years ago, but in the current day, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. If the quirkiness of the content makes you curious, it’s only five bucks to burn on a wacky Japanese indie eroge. Download New Wife Mei-Chan.

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