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(Cucking) Netorase Game Review: My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness DLC

by Sexy

Written by Rastafoo69, edited by ManfredManson

My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness Extra DLC, a netorase game developed by Star’s Dream. Download on DLSite for $7.00. Released on May 18, 2023. For Windows PC. No voice acting. Censored genitals.

This game is a major DLC to the highly popular game “My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness”. The original game only offered two routes to choose from. This DLC offers a third route, filled with brand new CG images, sex positions, characters, and more!

If you missed it, read our review of the main game.


In the original game, the main character picks a man to fuck his wife. You are the husband, and you pick either your wife’s boss or your wife’s ex. You convince them behind her back. In her eyes, she is cheating on you, but you set it all up from the start.

In route 3, which is only available via this DLC, the protagonist chooses not to deceive his wife or act behind her back. Rather, he goes up to her directly and admits “I have a cuckolding fetish, please have sex with another man”. This changes the direction of the game from a standard netorare to a spicy netorase scenario! Rather than being clueless, your wife is fully aware of everything you desire and everything you’re planning.

Because of this, your wife is more sexually confident and direct about sexual topics. For example, there’s a period of time when she hasn’t had sex with you in months. So when the Protagonist asks “Do you want to have a baby”, it’s obvious what’s implied.

The writer clearly learned a lot from publishing the original game before the DLC. In this game, the dialogue is hotter, less predictable, and more engaging. Once you play the netorase version of this story, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.


This game was created in RPG Maker MV, but it’s basically a kinetic novel, the focus is on dialogue and visuals. While the previous game had stats like loyalty vs desire, this game focuses on linear corruption in a scenario format.

Rather than pointless free-roam mechanics, this game offers ten scenarios that progress your wife’s corruption. Each scenario basically covers a couple days in the life of you and your wife. This ensures you’re always close to an exciting event while cutting out all the fluff of going to work and going to bed every single day.


The visuals in this game are superior to the original in every way. The standing art has more variations, the faces are more expressive, and the netorase genre lends itself to more artworks where the girl is looking directly at the screen. My favorite CG is the missionary creampie where the player has a full view of a man’s balls pressed against the wife’s pussy.

The one downside is the addition of clit piercings. Even worse, the screen often zooms-in on the clit piercings, which are not a turn-on for everyone. For me in particular, I find genital piercings to be very off-putting.

Something that is neither a benefit or a detriment is the re-use of some CGs from the original game. In particular, when your wife has sex with the husband, there are no unique CGs. This is understandable since the work was already done, but I know some gamers will be finicky about the repeats.


My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness DLC has no voice acting.

The sound effects are largely identical to those used during the main game. The bed creaking, the heartbeat rhythm, and so much more. Each sound effect lends itself to establishing a sense of movement. This matched with the motion lines in the artworks makes for a scene that is easy to get immersed in.


The soundtrack is the same as the main game, which makes for a nostalgic feeling if you play this third route after completing the former two. However, like I said in the original review, because all routes share the same music, it can get repetitive.


There are 10 erotic scenes in total. They range from kissing and cuddling to full-on impregnation sex. The most iconic is the one from the first scene where she fucks another man in front of you for the very first time. Seeing that guy grab her breast like he owns it is too incredible to ignore.

While lesser developers struggle to make DLCs that feel unique, this developer made a good one. For example, the missionary sex is presented from an angle that makes it closer to “mating press”. And when your wife is fucked in the shower, her tits are pressed directly into the glass. Best of all, her face is shown and emphasized in the vast majority of photos, so you can enjoy the full emotions she goes through as she gets the dick of her dreams.

The attention to detail is also phenomenal. When the bull grabs onto her thighs, you can see his fingers sink into her skin. Your wife has thick, plump, sexy thighs that round up into a perfect ass. This guy is grabbing the ass with his own bare hands! Every single little detail is drawn with such care, it’s clear the developer put a lot of thought into this release.


My Happiness ≠ Her Happiness DLC adds a brand new route that changes the genre of the game entirely, also showcasing many learned lessons. The concept and execution are much more developed. The art is sexy, the scenes are incredibly hot, and the overall pacing has improved greatly compared to the original release. Even if you haven’t played the first one, you’ve got to try this. I give this DLC my highest personal recommendation. Download the DLC.

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