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Onahole Review: Student Council President

by OtakuApologist
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Written by John Cattle, edited by Otaku Apologist

As a man who enjoys a tight sphincter around his dick, I wanted to try an onahole themed around anal sex. “Student Council President”, made by ToysHeart, is an onahole I bought on sale from Toydemon for $39.95.

Buyer be warned, this girl may not be for everyone.

Order at JLIST (JP) for $45.00Order at Toydemon (US) for $40.95Order at Kanojotoys (JP) for $31.00Order at OtonaJP (JP) for $35.45


Four days after placing my order, a brown cartboard box appeared on my doorstep. After unwrapping that, I unearthed the onahole package. The front of the box shows the student council president, showing off her beautiful round ass-cheeks. She’s raising up her skirt and pulling down her panties. The back displays a cutaway of the product’s interior, and the tight rubbery ring that gives this toy its special sensation. Opening the box I found the product wrapped in plastic bag, nestled in a hard plastic holder, along with a small bottle of lubricant.


The material feels strong. When I grabbed her for the first time, I noticed how much firmer the material is than my Maid In Fella. It is made from ToysHeart’s “Fine Cross” material. Not quite as smooth as “baby skin” but much more durable. This works to the toy’s advantage, because it’s firmer, it provides a tight, powerful “anal” sensation. The tight ring surrounding the opening hole is strong, and puts out considerable pressure. The interior is molded to resemble the inner lining of a rectum, which I have to say, is surprisingly realistic. The whole thing kind of looks like a dildo, if you don’t see the opening. There is also a nicely detailed little pussy on the front which is fun to play with, while fucking her.


As I mentioned, this toy may not be for everyone. It’s very unique compared to all the other masturbators I’ve tried in the past. Sliding in, the first thing you’ll feel is definitely the tight ring around her opening, which I enjoyed greatly. It’s like she’s trying to keep you out, and you’ll need to be fully erect before defeating her futile attempts at rejecting your prick! Once inside, the feeling becomes much less intense, and you’ll notice the need to squeeze out the air. Without squeezing the air out, you won’t get much sensation, but when you do. the vacuum effect kicks in. You can even let go of her, and she’ll hang on to your dick, and even slide back up to the base of your dick. Comparing Student Council President to the real thing is very close, especially with the focus on the sphincter, and texture of the inner walls. However, if you’ve had real anal sex, you’ll know a real ass doesn’t suck you in, it pushes you out. This is a minor detail, and makes the product more unique.


Student Council President is surprisingly easy to clean, thanks to the vacuum effect that allows you to suck in hot water, then squirt it out. You can also rub some soap inside of her with a finger, which is an interesting experience, as she’ll actually hang onto your finger because of the vacuum. The outside is easy to clean, but if you care about keeping the texture in mint condition, you’ll need to rub corn starch on it to keep it from getting sticky.

Order at JLIST (JP) for $45.00Order at Toydemon (US) for $40.95Order at Kanojotoys (JP) for $31.00Order at OtonaJP (JP) for $35.45

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