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Blowjobs are wonderful, you can seldom finish in a girl’s mouth when wearing rubber. You want to switch holes and finish inside her sweet, sweet snatch between her legs. This Japanese sextoy has a mouth and a pussy hole, both completely unique experiences. Made by the Japanese sextoy maker Ondo, the ‘Ondo! Nupu’ is a double-hole onahole.

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The package depicts a bare-chested bitch offering her mouth-cunt as a sacrifice for your big, hard dick. Her hair is the orange shade of yellow, just like her pubic hair. Her parents have worried for years where their little girl disappeared. After the police declared her dead, your life together was ready to start. She’s all grown up now, her meat all tender and nice. For her 18th birthday, you’ve prepared a special celebration in your cellar.

Her eyes are a vivid blue. Her hair is a lush, beautiful thicket. You’re feeding her all the vitamins and proteins she needs. Her skin is soft and spotless, it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.

The sides of the package showcase the inner structure of the pussy in grotesque infographics. The text is ancient moon speak. These inscriptions of doom have stood untouched two thousand and eighteen years after the birth of the One God’s only son. From what I can translate, it’s the prophecy of the cumming of a great tentacle-faced Death God.

This pure onahole girl is your sacrifice to the Dark One. There are no eyes to permeate the walls of your little dark corner of the world. She’s your easily disposable fuckdoll, sharing your oxygen for one reason alone: To milk your semen.


The material is TPE rubber. It’s a very flexible type of rubber that returns to its original form. It’s durable enough to endure stress. Just don’t go crazy if you don’t want wear and tear. The surface of the toy has a thin hue that sticks on your skin and leaves a mild rubbery smell. It’s easy to wash the smell off. The material feels very high quality, spotless of imperfections. The paintwork is beautiful, featuring a realistic flesh-like color on the outside, and a lush pink on the lips and inside. It’s a very immersive sextoy, and an absolute joy to ride.

There is a protrusion inside the hole that helps to create a tight air pocket. Even though it’s a double hole, the vacuum suction is perfect. Other double-holes I’ve reviewed over the years couldn’t hold a candle for this design. This toy is exceptional.


She has no escape from your clutches. Her mouth and pussy are your property, accessible whenever you desire. She has no choice, as you are the Patriarch and she is the seed bed. Consent is not given, it is taken, her will is irrelevant when you have power. Uncork a bottle of water-based lotion, and paint her lips glossy. Dip your lubed finger in and spread it into every nook and cranny. The vaginal hole is easier to lube, while the mouth area has a slippery tongue and a pair of teeth. The teeth are harder than the rest of the toy, and provide a contrasting feeling around your glans. Lube the teeth properly, so the nibbling of the teeth doesn’t hurt. If you’re non-circumsized, the teeth unwrap your foreskin. The friction keeps your dick raw and makes it more sensitive to touch. The tongue feels very nice too. It’s hard to get bored with the mouth hole with so many differing sensations from various textures keeping things fresh.

The pussy is a standard hole without gimmicks. The two holes provide a distinct experience each. If your dick is a long one, you can dig until your dick comes out the other end of the double-hole. The suction is semi-intense, nothing too hardcore. You can increase the intensity by putting more pressure on the toy with your fingers. When you’re done fucking around and want to cum, squeeze real hard and increase the pace. Let the toy wrap around your entire dick and just milk the load out. The toy wraps around so tightly, your cumshot will stay inside, and won’t shoot out the other end.

The best part about this toy is the variety it provides. You can switch holes at a whim. You can fuck it from different angles, keep dipping the outer lips to re-experience the electrifying penetration, or go deeply in. Weaken your grip to extend your session, or go in deep and just rub, rub, rub until your nut pops.


Pour water on the toy and clean all the lube from the outside, so it no longer feels sticky. Run a torrent of tap water through the vaginal canal. Dig in two fingers until all the sticky stuff is out. The inner structure is rather linear, which makes cleaning that much easier. Drying is mostly easy, except for the middle part of the pussy tunnel. You’re hard-pressed to dry the middle with normal household utilities – unless you’re a woman! If you have tampons, sticking one in is the easiest way to absorb all the liquid. I just use fingers and let it air-dry. The outside of the toy is easy to clean with a towel.


Ondo! Nupu is the best double-hole onahole I’ve ever had the pleasure of molesting. It’s incredible that the vacuum suction is intense although the toy is not sealed. Everything about it is great, though the complexity of the toy no doubt requires a manufacturing process that produces the occasional faulty individual. This is the unparalleled creation of a master onahole craftsman. This onahole gets my highest recommendation.

Order at Motsutoys (EU) €29.95Order at OtonaJP (JP) 3344yen Order at Kanojotoys (JP) $40.00

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