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Onahole review: Sujiman Kupa Setsuna

by OtakuApologist

Written by John Cattle, edited by Otaku Apologist

I’m John Cattle. I’m a freelance writer specializing in onaholes! I had a bunch of toys before I started writing about them, so it’s just great fun. This review is about another Japanese rubber pussy, named “Sujiman Kupa Setsuna”. Made by MagicEyes, “Setsuna” is part of their “sujiman kupa” line of holes. Sujiman kupa directly translates into “camel-toe” in English. And if you’re not aware, this website’s owner makes sales commissions from the products, to fund original hentai art, game, and other projects.

My expectations were set high by my last purchase, the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo. Can Setsuna live up to her virgin cousin?


I bought Sujiman Kupa Setsuna from Toydemon.com. I was curiously looking through their cheap sextoys during one of their discounted sales. I procrastinated with the sale too long, later buying the toy for the full price of $28.95, plus shipping. She arrived in the mail with recommendable speed, the package and the goods in mint condition. Looking at the the package, it’s not the most standard design. The rectangular cardboard is decorated with the image of a teenage-looking anime girl with brown hair – that’s common, as is her facial expression, which says to me “I’m nervous to get my little twat torn open”. The box opens up on the front, revealing a slice of the product. I’ve come to expect this box design from MagicEyes sextoys.



Compared to my other onaholes, this babe is the softest. Setsuna is very flexible, and doesn’t have any resistance to pulling, and stretching. The camel toe is thin, and seems to be for aesthetics alone. The small urethral opening is cute. The urethra pee hole isn’t big enough to penetrate. The “Ag” letters on the side let you know it’s laced with silver particles to kill bacteria. This is what I love about MagicEyes toys: I like knowing that my toy won’t deteriorate from bacterial colonization.


I was using Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo as my go-to vaginal toy for weeks before buying Setsuna. I noticed Lolinco Virgo’s intensity making me desensitized to less powerful pussy toys. When I tried Setsuna, I wondered where the sensations had gone. I took a day off from fapping, to recover my sensitivity. After this short abstinence, I tried my new cock-sleeve again, and was pleasantly surprised.

Setsuna is a lot looser and softer than I expected. I recommend this for longer fapping sessions, where you want to last a while before cumming. The outside is slightly firmer than the inside. The inside is very soft and supple. The entrance and the back of it have similar linings. The cameltoe lips are very smooth. I would say this hole is more on the realistic side of the spectrum, but lacks the suction that pulls you in like a real pussy does. Instead she gently tries to push your member out, like she doesn’t like it. Also, the inner canal isn’t directly in the center of the product, making the back a lot thinner than the front. This makes entering her from behind more pleasurable.


Sujiman Kupa Setsuna can be cleaned with standard procedures. Like any closed system, you have to fill it with water first, then squeeze it a few times to get the spunk out. I personally soap it up and finger the hole. I make sure every bit is of dried cum and lube. The outside will become sticky, but you can apply corn starch after wash to counter this.

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