Written by Flamecaster

Brought to you by the OTSUN Club and Denpasoft, The Bell Chimes for Gold is an otome adventure game with a variety of gameplay and heroes to choose from.

Taking place in a sunny resort town, academic student Ren finds out that not all residents of his idyllic hometown are actually human. Follow his fantastic and supernatural adventure among the ditzy demons with whom he is stuck having to share his quarters. Mark your calendar for the release on April 6th!


Maria is a plain old herbalist. Her skill in crafting items gets her within arm’s reach of her goal of getting enough money to marry. But then, her mentor who she was supposed to go out with suddenly marries his pretty childhood friend!

“With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want.”

After get ting turned down with such cruel words, Maria resolves herself and declares:

“I’m gonna make a buttload of money and marry someooooneeeee!!!”

What encounters are in store?
Earn, save, and marry.
A happy end awaits you ♪


• 5 middle-aged grooms with tough and unique personalities
• Explore through different dungeons such as forests and mines to collect materials
• Use Maria’s Herbalism skill to make items for battle, or for money
• Unlock special scenes with your favorite character
• Memories section: Replay through scenes and check out new after-stories
• Switch between English and Japanese languages in-game


OTSUN Club is a game circle that primarily focuses on developing otome visual novel games and audio dramas. Comprising of two members, Ayane and Himono, the circle has been making games for over twelve years. Many of their titles are visual novels featuring older and tougher middle-aged men for their players to romance. OTSUN Club’s more well-known projects include The Bell Chimes for Gold and its sequel, nEroErosso. OTSUN Club also has a very unique and cute mascot called a kabaino!


Denpasoft is a software company based in sunny, southern California. Their focus is on quality, adult visual novel games from Japan and around the world. They strive to acquire titles that fans in the West want to see and enjoy in English. While Denpasoft is a young company, the staff is made up of industry veterans and fans of Japanese bishoujo games of all kinds. You can now visit their storefront and follow them on Twitter for more updates.