Written by Otaku Apologist

As the clickbait title suggests, I am happily playing NEKO-NIN exHeart 2. I’m plowing through the game so fast, my official review will be up within a week. I’ve already masturbated to two deliciously cute sex scenes with the perpetually needy, explosively feminine catgirl ninja oppai lolis. Okay, they’re not lolies, but damn childish.

The story so far, has been utterly forgettable mega-padded safe space bullshit. Nothing controversial is explored, no feelings are hurt. I can safely skip through every single motherfucking line without missing out on anything worthwhile. But that’s the beauty of hentai visual novels, from a reviewer’s perspective: I don’t have to delve knee-deep into a singular product. So long as the voice actresses are sultry, and the anime tits big, people are gonna bust open their wallets.

The catgirl ninjas Yura and Tama return in this game, to suck Haruka’s big white asian cock. A new bunny girl called Maya joins their little harem, and the catgirls immediately feel ferociously jealous of Haruka sharing his previously exclusive head pats with her. What do women do, when they are jealous of another woman? Shout at you? Dump you? Shoot a hole in your head? No. They spread their legs, and take your fat dick in their vaginal grip.

This game is pretty good so far, as brainless fap fuel. I’m just really itching to finally bone the bunny girl. There was a scene of her sucking on a banana, that pushed the eroticism to absurd levels. The fully-grown women act like little girls. The kawaii cock tease is merciless.

Here’s some random NEKONIN art. Feel free to share the post with your single-mother, and download hentai games, so I can keep paying salaries to all the sad redpilled fucks writing for my site. Thank you so much, and please fuck yourself.